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    Hi everybody.. i lurk this forum since some years, and i wanna say thanks to all of you.

    I managed to contact a manufacturer of a thousand of chemicals, they sell to Industries etc and don't sell to privates.

    Neverd heard of their involvment in bodybuilding facts, so, they have on their catalogues some aas and peptides also.

    I asked them about HGH, and that we must test it with HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) to assure it's purity (as a bluff).. they sent me their COA (certificate of analysis) and told this: "
    The purity is tested by HPLC and the report is together with the COA. Sorry that this product is not GMP/FDA approved, it is produced according to USP35 and EP8.0 standard. And I can't tell the manifacturer because of our company principle.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. "

    I was asking about fda and if the manifacturer was gensci or ankebio.. because i m aware of their scandals.

    In their COA there was this.. what do you think about? I upped 3 images..

    Glad to hear something useful from someone who knows something useful :)

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    I know only that 191aa weights about 220kDaltons
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    I don’t wanna be a dick.
    But their own test mean nothing. A independent test from a serious lab test company is more worth IMO.
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    You're right man.. don't know what to do.. it seems to be a legit company.. btw they told me sorry for these problems and didnt say a thing to promote that item.. we talked about hgh on 2 mails of 40's..

    I didnt trust Ankebio.. and GenSci..

    I would only rely upon pharma european.. but can t afford at the moment.. maybe one day i will..
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    We have a thread about Alibaba Hgh here: Alibaba HGH

    Maybe the company you meant is not on Alibaba.
    We try to find a reliable source. But atm we have no way to lab test the gear.
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    Lab4tox it is just expensive.
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    No it isn t.. i searched companies that produce chemicals.. and occasionally had aas and other nice compounds..
    And i mean solid companies not involved in bodybuilding, with former business is to sell chemicals to industries etc.. there is a lot out there..

    I googles some companies and never found anything..

    I use also Scamadviser.com to know something about the domain of their site..

    I don t trust nobody.. anymore.. getting scammed last thime with fake Balkan parabolan.. and the batch code on their site do function.. i think the scammer bought original balkan one and copied n. Batch in that false item.. and Balkan's site had a stupid veryfing code system.. since you can check 100 thousand times the same code and always gettin The product is original..


    I try only to buy from chemical companies and homebrew.. the same for hgh or peptides.. only from companies that sell primarily totally different things.. and that don t have a bad reputation.. or directly from pharma when is possible..

    I live in italy and can have access only to AI like arimidex & co, nolva, proviron, clomid, slin, testo no more, and HGH isnt possible in pharma.. you can get only in hospital pharmacy and you ll get here your hgh inject.. so you can t rely on fake scripts or something similar..
    Maybe in switzerland with fake scripts you can buy it..

    Fake or by a dr that s your friend.. since you pay cash for it i don t think it s a crime to buy it with a fake script.. i don t speak about insurance etc.. i mean private buyin.. too much problems in this fuckin world
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    yeah, I'm finding that the verification codes people are using, even on the chinese pharma hgh, is a crock. the only thing that tells the whole story is hplc testing
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