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    Is insulin required to make that much of a difference in say a 2 to 5 iu cycle of gh Ive done gh a handful of times and was happy with the results but always wondered if it made that much of a difference where it would be worth trying? I would rather not mess with insulin and would be more open to something like metformin if it would help
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    Bro if you are saying you are not ready to mess with insulin than you are no where ready to use it... metformin is useless. I’ve tried it and all it did was give me horrible shits and make me dizzy. I think insulin is a very powerful and useful drug In The right persons hands.. it need to be take. Seriously. You can die. Even on as little as 5iu... do your reasherxh. You can DIE!!!! Many people have. My Saul g is this. Unless you compete their is no need. I am on 5-6iu a day of gh and I am having great results and I do not use insulin.
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    thanks brother good to hear. Yea I dont know shit about insulin and am scared to mess with it I have always heard of the mix of gh insulin and wanted to make sure I wasnt wasting my gh by not taggin insulin along with it
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    Insulin and metformin are completely different. And despite what the above poster said metformin is far from useless. If you are using it thinking it is an insulin "substitute" it is rather useless, sure, but for its intended purpose, it can be very useful for those running GH, looking to combat insulin sensitivity. IMO

    That said, you don't NEED Slin with GH. You can make some good progress without it. Run it for a while without it before you delve into that realm.
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  5. Metaformin rocks! Been on it for 9 months. Pumps when carb loading, can eat a shit ton not gain fat and after several months it fucking hammers ldl. My ldl dropped from 125 to 57. That is an unintended but awesome side. Mud butt disappears completely after about 5 weeks. Till then carry some spare panties.
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    What dosage of metformin are you using?
  7. 1500
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