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  1. Krimzun

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    So before I place an order for the needles and get stuck with a bunch that suck, I want to make sure I'm not making a mistake with the gauge and length.

    I'm not exactly fond of needles(who is? lol) and the higher the gauge and the shorter the needle the less bothersome I would think it would make the experience. It seems 29g 1cc 1/2 inch is used standard, so would I be mistaken in thinking a 31g .5cc 3/16 would be better for example?

    1. Regarding gauge, would it possibly be a better idea to go with a traditional 29g because a 31g or 32g will cause the injection to take forever? Maybe there's not much pain/scarring difference?

    2. Regarding length, any advantages/disadvantages of 3/16 vs longer options? Only thing I can find is you don't have to pinch the skin with the 3/16, but I probably would want to anyway. That and I would think it would again cause less scar tissue.

    3. If I'm not planning to do more than 3 iu in one shot, then I would think it to be better to use no more than .5cc, possibly even the .3cc syringe to keep maximum hydraulic pressure?

    4. What about brands? I know BD is generally good but is twice the price of Easy Touch. Is it worth the price?

    Thanks for all you help and guidance, it's very much appreciated.
  2. Tiredandhot

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    31 ga is fine, I used 31 and 29 and like the smaller. Length is irrelevant if it's going into subq. I uses cheap brands and notice no difference.

    And your seriously overthinking the injection, just load 3iu and inject. It doesn't take long at all.
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  3. JP1979

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    31g 5/16 is my jam and the shortest I would go
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  4. Krimzun

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    You're probably right on the me overthinking it thing, I have a tendency to do that, lol. Now for hopefully the last of me overthinking this.

    I just know that with my regular IM injections, my wife does them for me and she swears the Easyglide syringes require much more force than the BD's and hurt her fingers. So now I have to use the Easyglides on my cruise because they don't glide easy funnily enough lol. And I'm too cheap to just throw them out.

    Real quick, is Bacteriostatic 0.9% Sodium Chloride fine to use instead just regular Bacteriostatic water? It's half the price is why I ask.

    Lastly should I back-load the syringe or does it not take long to pull through a 31g? Also not sure if it makes it much duller.
  5. JP1979

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    HGH fills fast, no need to backfill
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  6. Tiredandhot

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    What the guy above said is right. Not sure on the bacteriostatic question, mine says 0.9% benzyl alcohol.
  7. Savagesteve

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    I use 29g 1/2” monoject pins and never had any issues. Also use bac water with mine.
  8. Krimzun

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    Thanks, it's helpful to see what others are doing.

    The bac water thing has the addition of Sodium Chloride to it is all. It's supposed to make it even more bacterial resistant, but I don't see anyone really talking about it so I wasn't sure if there's a reason to avoid it or not.

    Like maybe the addition of salt messes up the hgh or it causes more site irritation or I don't know. Or maybe it's just because it's more expensive usually but is on sale now so normally no one considers it because it's overkill and not worth the price usually... lol

    Thanks again and sorry if I ask a lot of questions. I'm a short nerd and that's why I got into all this stuff to begin with, to stop the bullying.
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  9. JP1979

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    I never thought about using anything else. I'm using 15iu vials at the moment and they last 6 days just fine with bac water.
  10. Mighty-mouse

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    I use plain sterile water for injection 1 vial of hgh only last me 2 days so I’m not worried about bacteria growing and never received an infection

    Plus a case of 20ml vials of sterile water is cheap as shit
  11. saywutrly

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    Bacteriostatic water shouldn't cost you more than USD4-10 to your door.

    If you're afraid of needles the 31g will make a world of different. If you're not a fat fuck, no need for a 1/2 for injection. You can use 5/16 just fine - I use a 31g x 5/16 x 1/3mL for inject because the lines are further apart making it easier to dose exactly.

    BE SURE to grab a small pack of the 29g x 1/2 x 1mL, though. You'll want those for reconstitution. Doing it with thin short needles and only 30 units of volume at a time is a huge pain in the posterior.

    Oh, and what do you mean "order"? If you're in the US you can go to any Walmart pharmacy and buy as many insulin syringe as you need - just go ask. Diabetes is so bad here that you can get syringes and regular generic R insulin without a script. WM is WAY cheaper than anywhere else I've gotten them. If you're worried about looking like a meat head for some reason, just throw on a baggy sweatshirt. So many people are insulin dependent nowadays that they don't even bat an eye.