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    Hi guys,

    I ve been reading around about and it seems splitting HGH injections could reduce harm done to the pituitary gland

    As in injecting 10 UI 3 days a week instead of 4 UI every day

    It s bullshit or has anyone tried it?
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    I just don't do everyday. 5 days a week usually. The days I take off are usually the more convenient days to take off. My reason for taking days off is your body adapts and you'll always need more. So whether you do week days on and weekends off or 2 weeks on, 1 off or whatever, breaks are good. As far as shooting pretty much a vial 3 times a week, seems a bit sub optimal for my liking. But maybe those 3 days split up the dosing to multiple shots throughout the day with some slin making it a "perfect" day (diet as perfect as you can manage, training as perfect as you can do, timing as perfect as possible) and you might be onto something especially if you throw this into the tail end of an overreacting phase in your training.
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  3. VaDImadi

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    Do you have any actual facts to back this up

    The whole taking a single day or two off will in some way help your pituitary ?
  4. Rockclimber

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    Yes, plenty of research has been done on when the negative feedback loop is eliminated. Graphs shown by chest Rockwell and others around here show around 24 to 48 hours after last Administration is when your pituitary starts producing growth hormone again... that is why it is recommended to take two days off in a row instead of one day off, the negative feedback loop can still be in effect after 24 hours.

    The same research has showed that continuous use of growth hormone for 2 years followed by discontinuation has the pituitary gland producing growth hormone almost immediately. There is no huge delay like we experience with our testicles producing testosterone again. The pituitary just seems to turn back on and we're back to normal even after continuous use for years. I believe there's a four-part series on this on the Meso home page.
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    Ok thanks, so it s most efficient to take ED and break it 2 days like Saturday and sunday ?
    The protocol whith hight doses 3 days a week is not good.
  6. bambam333

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    I’ve been looking into this myself I think I’m going to do more of an eod or on workout days only. How has your protocol been working. In the last I’ve always done everyday so going to try the split doses this time around
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    There really is no reason to take days off other than saving money, or possibly help prevent insulin resistance.
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    I don’t really need to save money if I’m gunna do it I’ll do it right I just happened to come across that protocol multiple times throughout reading So you think it would be a waste of time going eod