HGH raising prolactin, take caber with it?

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    I have read that HGH raises prolactin and can also cause prolactin gyno, and other issues, does anyone take cabergoline with it to combat this issue also of reduced libido? (happens without exogenous AAS, as prolactin is an antagonist of the natural testosterone)
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    I've never heard of this in any literature I've come across. Caber actually reduces gh/igf-1. Use it to treat acromegaly.
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    Caber only reduces IGF1 and I think not to an extent that this would be relevant, when one is using exogenous HGH.

    HGH on the other hand is structurally similar to prolactin and does raise it, which is the reason, why ed, libido issues and gyno even without aromatizing steroids can and do occur with HGH. Anecdotally I have developed these issues in my past cycle, still have a small gyno in my right chest from the last HGH only cycle. Also first I had improved libido but after a while it turned upside down and I had some kind of ed.
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    Cabergoline treatment of acromegaly: a preliminary dose finding study

    showed a fall in the GH to ≤33% and igf-1 to ≤67% of the basal value but only 2 achieved biochemical remission. All subjects showed maximum GH response at a dose of 0.5 mg daily of cabergoline

    Long-lasting lowering of serum growth hormone and prolactin levels by single and repetitive cabergoline administration in dopamine-responsive acrom... - PubMed - NCBI

    Serum GH levels did not change after 0.3 mg of cabergoline, but decreased significantly from 3 h to 3 days after 0.6 mg of the compound with a mean maximal decrease of 42%
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    Pituitaries of acromegalics are different from those of normal subjects.

    This is what almost any study on DA agonists in acromegalics claims in the introduction:
    The above is what confuses people - will DA agonists decrease or increase GH secretion? They will read "increases; in normal subjects" and think that's going to be it. Yes, the initial dose will result in a huge GH pulse. DA agonists are even used in GH stimulation tests to examine one's pituitary's ability to secrete GH. However, as high levels of DA agonist stabilize, it will result the same effect as in most acromegalics - GH suppression.

    GH pulses can only be achieved with DA agonists with a short half-life and I am not sure if even once a day dosing is rare enough, probably need EOD dosing to have peaks and lows. All GH secretion tests using DA agonists in healthy subjects have used a single dose, subjects have not been monitored in extended use scenarios. Cabergoline with its ~3 day half-life is not suitable for this purpose and will definitely decrease GH secretion. Furthermore, for some reason Cabergoline also decreases IGF-1 production in liver even if exogenous GH is used.

    So to sum it up, if confused about the DA agonists and GH topic - assume you will respond just like acromegalics unless you know how to time the doses.
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