Hgh shortage from China due to virus

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    As y’all know is getting serious in China and no factory is been open since Chinese New Year, TP just announced he’s out of black tops and greys and said that he has no idea when will get those back in stock, other sources have limited stock, by the time factories re open and get hgh ready it will b a while, also postal service from China and Hong Kong is very limited, all packages are taking longer to leave those countries, if you are low and didn’t get stock now is the time guys, things aren’t looking too good for the future with Chinese hgh
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    Stock up and pct everybody ! lol
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    It's not only GH. Everybody I know doing business in China is in full damage control mode.

    Whole economy is on verge of going down the shitter because supply trains are already lagging and it's hard catching up with just-in-time logistics in place.
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    Yes it doesn’t look good, let’s pray for our fellows friends there so they can overcome this big obstacle
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    This virus has taken a world for a storm. I know of alot of suppliers of raw/powder too which are struggling as alot of compounds were coming from China too.

    Business is deffinetly slower for people conducting business with Chinese nationals.
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    People were all worried about the new law changing in China and the virus was what really screwed everyone up to another level
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    [QUOTE = "Yosyrj, post: 2576386, member: 106678"] Comme vous le savez, tout devient sérieux en Chine et aucune usine n'est ouverte depuis le Nouvel An chinois, TP vient d'annoncer qu'il n'a plus de hauts noirs et de gris et a dit qu'il n'a aucune idée du moment où ceux-ci seront de nouveau en stock, d'autres sources ont un stock limité, au moment où les usines rouvriront et se prépareront, elles le seront, tandis que le service postal en provenance de Chine et de Hong Kong est très limité, tous les colis prennent plus de temps à quitter ces pays, si vous êtes faible et que vous n'avez pas de stock maintenant, c'est le moment, les choses ne semblent pas trop bonnes pour l'avenir avec l'hgh chinois [/ QUOTE]
    I thought TP had their hgh factory in Cambodia ...?
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    There’s 1.45 billion people in China and only 37k cases of the virus. Only ~2% of that 37k have died, usually the old and weak. Seems about the same as a bad flu that can go around. I don’t think it’s slowing the economy down as much as you think.
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    If you believe the " official #'s". I have heard from friends with loved ones in china that the infected # is closer to 30 MILLION. Chew on that number for a bit.... but don't panic, nothing to see here.... move along.
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    I think it's worse than that.
    But you're right, no way it would effect the economy so badly at those numbers.

    Wouldnt be surprised at China pretending their economic woes are CoronaVirus related...
    When it's really Trumps trade war putting them on their knees.

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    He’s out of greys? Just emailed today and didn’t mention it and it hit me about China so I came on here to see if anyone else was talking about it
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    China lies, is a communist country and they don’t have freedom of expression, there’s a ban of trucks traveling from town to town and only food trucks are allowed to function, not to mention that there’s no enough airplanes to transport billions of packages when they re open postal service, my express package from Hong Kong is stock there for a week, imagine regular mail, funny thing is that my source there told me that USA doesn’t allow people to wear mask cuz if u go to a bank w a mask the police kill you, I was like wtf, where did u get your news sources, we have an issue w gun here but people can wear mask if they want, china gov controls everything there
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    Everything in China is fucked up
    China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero
    Even Fortune 500 companies (selling legal items) are having trouble sourcing from China.

    For the first time I agree and even liked an @janoshik post.

    It has nothing to do with the law.
    It's all about the coronavirus.

    Their numbers are BS
    it's really ugly
    China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero

    China Has Ground To A Halt: "On The Ground" Indicators Confirm Worst-Case Scenario
    And this has only just begun.

    Their numbers are total BS
    Now they're even rolling back the death toll
    China Now Openly Fabricating Numbers: Beijing Lowers Coronavirus Deaths By 108 Due To "Double Counting"

    It is so bad that it can cause a recession in the States
    Will The Coronavirus Trigger A Recession?
    We have become so dependent on Chinese labor (thanks for nothing Bill Clinton) that it will harm the USA too.

    In China a crippling Depression is already underway. Read above.

    The (seemingly) unavoidable recession in the USA will be much more bearable if Trump gets reelected.
    Sanders would cause an economic depression by himself.
    Sanders+coronavirus would make the 1929 Great Depression look good in comparison.

    Shocking Video Shows People On The Street Being Rounded Up As Wuhan Begins 'Wartime' Measures
    ... and the Chinese are just being "gentle" for now
  15. Mhmm and these loved ones are all high up government or party officials that actually know what they’re talking about right...the average person in China likely has the same amount of knowledge as everyone else maybe even less with censorship.
  16. I will say that I definitely agree that the official number is probably smaller than the actual number. One it’s probably not easy confirming so many cases, two I imagine there are a lot of people with mild symptoms or people that never get symptoms, all of which probably won’t get reported. Still I think the true number is way closer to the official number of last I heard ~65k than >30 million.
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    Master.on you turned this post into a political statement, this thread isn’t about if trump gets elected he will save us and Sanders? Really!! He’s not even the president and who knows who will b the front runner vs Trump, sorry but your post is also speculations
    I can go on and on w Trump and China but not gonna get into politics here
  18. I personally think its biological warfare on their own people and the world.
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    Dirty fucks, eating all those fried bats!!
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    The Ro value is 4, which is fucking ridiculous. Add to that the fact that it can be transmitted prior to symptoms appearing and you have a damned mess

    Chinese and their alternative medicine bullshit are to blame.