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    Hello MESO.
    I am a reseller of the original growth hormone, which is presented in Russian pharmacies.
    At the moment I have two brands.

    - Norditropin Nordilet in syringe-pens.
    Each pen injector contains 10 mg of somatropin, this is equivalent to 30 international units.
    Brand "Novo Nordisk".

    - Omnitrope 1,5ml cartridge (1 vial in the box)
    One cartridge contains 10mg (30IU) of somatropin.
    Brand " SANDOZ".
    One pen-injector is included for every order.

    - Needles:
    Novofine 31G(0.25x6mm) - approachs both syringe pens
    The package contains 100 needles.
    You will get 1 pack of needles for FREE for orders over 500$

    Westren Union

    Shipments from RUSSIA to USA ONLY!
    By regular mail (2-4 weeks) the safest delivery method. Signature is NOT required on delivery!!!
    By my experience I see that there is no difference in delivery time compared to EMS.
    Shipping cost 30$ and FREE for 500$+
    The HGH is in a stable form and tolerates delivery very well.
    Needles are sent as a separate package for greater safety.

    DELIVERY GUARANTEE,if something happens with the parcel, I will send one more time for free.
    Attention! Film the unpacking of the parcel on video, because no claims will be accepted without video unpacking!

    Norditropin Nordilet in syringe-pens 10mg/1,5ml (30IU) - 140$

    Omnitrope 10mg/1,5ml cartridge - 130$

    Omnitrope pen-injector - 20$

    Novofine 31G(0.25x6mm) 100x - 25$

    Some photos:

    I will be glad to cooperate!
  2. First. Welcome to Meso. No energy to bother with the usual shenanigans, so i will just say good luck... For now.
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    Pretty decent first post TBH, but your prices are VERY high for unproven Russian sourced pharma, which none of us have any guarantees is authentic. We have other sources on this board w verifiable US pharma HGH for just about the same price per IU.

    You’re going to have to come down on price SIGNIFICANTLY to do any business here.
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    Just worked 24 hours straight.
    Something something
    Meso rules
    Lots of fake Pharma GH out there.
    3rd party testing incentive.

    I'll be back after I've slept
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    Thank. I will try to provide evidence that I can be trusted.
  6. hgh.store

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    Thanks for the advice and kind words about my first post.
    The price on the forum, and indeed in the USA, varies from $ 130 to $ 550 for 30IU Omnitrope. I'm sure we can also find prices lower than these.
    I do not want to dump prices thats why i try to match market prices.In addition, I plan to do promotions and discounts.

    This is the official website of SANDOZ in russia. The drug is registered and sold in pharmacies. In the near future I will try to provide proof that I am selling original products.
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    Hello everyone, I received the hgh nordilet pen from another source, I did not do the blood test, But I felt very quickly that these very good, better than usual hgh ug, I don't know not understand why hgh pharma is different than hgh ug "meditrope, bluetop, hygetropin, pinktop ,, 2 ui pharma is greater than 4ui ug, congestion, recovery, slumber .. Anyone who knows why hgh pharma is superior could come explained. Thank you welcome
  8. Cashton

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    Because the generic hgh isn’t even the same compound exactly as the pharma hgh, though it might raise igf levels, sometimes even more than pharma.. It’s very confusing how the whole thing works but if you dig in a little you should understand what you need too to make informed choices.
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    Pharmacy prices wow if u can find real Nordotropin cheaper let me know
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    Well, you’ve got the right attitude at least.

    But you’ve got to understand no one is going to pay equivalent prices for shipped from Russian pharma as shipped from US pharma.

    Also, we know the Turkish market is flooded with fakes, what about the Russian market? Can’t imagine it’s much different, but someone with more knowledge than me can chime in on that.
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    Was this from one of your free samples you requested, or from a free sample they offered? Not many options with you other than free samples.
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    If growth hormone is of good quality, the results may differ from person to person. It depends on the weight and some other characteristics of the user. I have the results of analyzes where one person's IGF just flew into space from taking 4 units of omnitrope, while another who used the same dosage of the same growth hormone had a less strong effect.You know, like all other things - everything is very individua
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  13. hgh.store

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    Yes its pretty cheap here in Russia,compared to US prices.
    But we also have very low salaries compared to the United States, which is why not many people use growth hormone here. Since it is expensive for local residents.
  14. hgh.store

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    Don't get me wrong, I can't please everyone, even though I will try to do it. I did a market analysis before making my offer. I want and will play by the rules. Also, I already have some feedback about the price from my clients and they are positive.
    As I said, I can make good discounts. For every good product there is a customer, you know.

    I cannot speak for the whole market, I personally have an original product, for each order I am ready to show a payment receipt from the pharmacy, with the current date and quantity of the goods.
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    I don’t give anything for free and for reviews too.
    But yeah, I've tried to read the forum regularly for the last few months, I understand what you mean.
  16. Grab Bag

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    Interesting. I’ll potentially keep an eye out for a sale, I happen to like omnitrope.

    Do you offer any incentive for lab testing or blood work?

    What other boards are you on?
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    I think this can be realized! We need to think about how profitable it will be, since as far as I know, analyzes are very expensive in the USA. I do not want to force anyone to do something, take tests and all that.
    Or just differently, the one who buys growth hormone will most likely want to make sure of its quality and pass a laboratory analysis in any case.
    Discounts and offers will be in any case, especially for those who will buy from me often.

    At the moment I am not represented anywhere else. Only on this forum.
  18. Grab Bag

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    You should know that although testing is “expensive” it’s also the only thing anyone on meso with integrity cares about... @Mighty-mouse what do you think of this Russian hgh?
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    @mands , any insight into Russian hgh scene? I know you’re a man who has tried a lot of different gh, curious if you have any thoughts on this.
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    I am just preparing some fresh analyzes for publication. Only there is a problem - they are in Russian language. I also asked my clients to do tests in the USA, I hope they will respond positively to my request.