HGH-Time of day injections?

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by Ripp, Nov 3, 2018.

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    Using gh safely requires responsibility as well. Please do a little bit more research as some of your choices may not be the best so far
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    Mac I am not sure if this reply was towards me or not but I am going to assume it was.. do you think that I am gonna be ramping up to fast. Should I back it down a little? And if so how long in between should I wait before I up it. I can’t see me going over 5 maybe 6 iu a day. My purse can’t afford that. Right now I have enough to give me a solid 20weeks. I would love some feedback.
    Also are you suggesting that it will be beneficial for me to run a little slin pre or post. Not asking you to give me take responsibility for my actions just looking for some seasoned advice. Also if I brought Walmart brand would 4-5iu be a good starting point t. I train late in the day. Round 430. So I know it will be at least 4-5 hrs before I am cleared with this being the case would that dose be ok pre workout I f I slam a shit ton of liquid carbs...
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    Even though I have held off for a long time with gh and thought I had it figured out. I was unaware of the insulin resistance. This makes me have to second guess my thinking on slin. I had another mass monster I know the other day suggest that I should be running it and told me kind of the same things you guys are talking about. This is why I am on boards like this to learn and share. We all have the same goals and mind and I am sure we all want to do it safely.
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    Can’t comment on slin. Zero experience with it. Just be careful.

    As far as gH, you started at 2. If it’s been a month or two, bump to 4 for another month or two, then cap out at 6 if you have to bump again. Gh is a long game. Ideally you’d want to stay on for prolonged periods for better results, not higher doses for shorter time. Just my .02 especially if you don’t hve gH pouring out your ears or money growing on your trees.
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    Thanks brother for the input.i did my last daily dose after I trained today but you are right it’s the long game. I will have to look more in depth at the insulin advantage..