HGH to heal leaky gut

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  1. Goingstronger

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    Some of you might think this is off topic on a steroid forum, but bear in mind that's where I have the most chance to get constructive and educated answers about my request.
    All medical forums have been clueless.

    Most of my health issues come down to my gut being leaky (as assessed by test), after rounds of unnecessary antibiotics and junk food for years.

    I've put all natural solutions in place to heal it: raw food, gluten free, no refined sugars, glutamine, collagen powder, collostrum.

    The benefits are immense and I can feel a tremendous improvement.
    However I'm still miles away from absorbing nutrients as well as I used to.

    I have access to pharm grade HGH pens, and I have read anecdotal evidence that HGH helps in healing a leaky gut by sealing the tight junctions back together.

    1) have you read anything supporting that anecdotal evidence?

    2) how many IUs of pharm grade HGH / day would help in treating my gut?

    3) assuming I would do a 6 months treatment at 2 pins/day for a total of 4IUs / day, would my pituitary resume it's own production after the 6 months?
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  2. ironwill1951

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    if medical forums and you doc cant help you what makes you think bro science can.
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  3. CrazeeFrazee

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  4. MFMC

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    I would assume that a doc could fix the problem. What country you in? I would not bet on HGH helping this problem. Sounds like you are on the right track-- in some cases your body just needs time and everyone is different--- if it were me -- I would talk with a specialist and get it handled by a professional
  5. mands

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    Maybe take a 1/4 pill of clomid a week and see if that helps.

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  6. Dr JIM

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    I "leaky gut" really, let's begin with a formal MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS provided by a Physician.

    Next how about listing the tests that have been conducted and their results, as the expectation "healing" can be expedited thru the use of such shotgun hormonal therapy is naive to say the least.
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  7. Wunderpus

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    Is this a good place to post questions about my achy breaky heart, too? Or, just leaky guts? Thanks.
  8. mands

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    Yes you may! But, really Intestinal Permeability is a real thing. The dude just wants to use drugs to fix everything.

    I'm assuming how he reacts to clomid like no other human in the world I would assume 1 iu a week of GH would yield around 937 ng/ml on his igf-1 levels.

  9. Dr JIM

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    @Wunderpus , are U suggesting the OPs issues are psycho-social in nature?

    That thought never crossed my mind, especially after reading his post; "ALL the medical forums are clueless"

    ----- NOT even close, but rather it's MUCH more likely someone doesn't like, appreciate, or understand THEIR answers!

  10. Wunderpus

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    Wait.... Are you saying people have a tendency to deny what they don't want to hear/believe, and keep searching for answers that somehow fit their own naivety or biases?

    Jim, you are SUCH a radical!
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    I don't belive that I know for a fact hcg will make my penis grow a couple of inches. LMAO

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  12. Wunderpus

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    Please post detailed protocol, asking for a friend.
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  13. Ripped

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    I believe it has to be taken orally.

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  14. Gbro

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  15. Goingstronger

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    I believe the lack of serious answers is yet another proof of cluelessness.

    If you're not familiar with leaky gut, it's a recognized medical condition, not something that happens only in my thoughts.

    For diagnose: the lab have you ingest two forms of sugar and then measure the % of these sugars in both your blood and urine to assess the absorption %.

    As far as recovery is concerned, I've gone the natural route for more than a year and made tremendous progress.

    Seeing that there is still a gap with how well sealed my gut junctions were in the past, I wanted to know whether HGH could speed up the recovery process.
  16. CrazeeFrazee

    CrazeeFrazee Member

    Only one way to find out.
  17. Goingstronger

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    I think you're right.

    Now as far as dosage is concerned:
    My igf-1 came back at 202ng/dl.

    How many IUs does that mean I'm producing naturally?

    If I'm producing 3IU naturally, I'm not going to replace it with 3IU of pharm grade HGH which will cost me $$$, waste of time and money
  18. Dr JIM

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    "LEAKY GUT IS NOT A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS, and should not be confused with what is;

    Such as varying forms of MALABSORPTION that require specific diagnostic tests, including on occasion an intestinal biopsy!

    But good luck with your home remedies, witches brew, hormonal homeopathy, or a multitude of oher unconventional medical manic "therapies" located on the net, or "self help" blogs.

    But rest assured those who fail to learn from their mistakes tend to repeat them, AND how many "remedies" have you "tried".

    Right those Doctors are clueless, lol!

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  19. Dr JIM

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    Finally, OP how prophetic you selected Mike Tyson as your avatar!​
  20. Goingstronger

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    Can you elaborate on the various Malabsorption diseases that I could look into?

    And any other remedies available thank my homebrews?