HGH treatment \\ injections or spray

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  1. AnabolicShaman

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    Dear all.

    A newbie here looking for some clarifications. I wanted to ask if HGH sprays are just a fraud (the quantity is so low that can't work) and therefore injections are the way to go. I ask this question since I fear needles very much and want to avoid them, but as far I understand there's no alternative.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    Kind Regards.
  2. murray312

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    Yep fake. Sub q with a needle is practically painless I don't even feel the 29s I use half the time. Shit sometimes I don't even feel the 25s that i use I.M.
  3. AnabolicShaman

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    Hello Murray, thanks a lot for replying.

    Is difficult to use the syringe if I don't have experience?