hgh, tri test 400 deca and tren 200 cycle

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    rc.plastering Junior Member

    can i have some advice on this cyle i started it 2 weeks ago
    im 22 ive ran 3 cycle before 2 test 400 and deca

    im now doing

    4ius of hgh a day 5 on 2 off
    1ml of tri test 400 on a monday and 1ml 0n a friday
    with 1 mil of deca 300 monday and fri
    and 1 mil of tren ethanate on a tuesday, thursday and sat

    im drinking just whey protien diet is good aswell
    i train
    monday = cest and tri's
    tues=back and bi's
    wednesday= legs
    thursday= off
    friday= shoulders and abs
    sat= off
    sun= legs
    can people give me there feedback and i need some ideas how long to run this cycle for or if anyone thinks i should change it up abit thanks ricvh
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    HDH Member

    So you're running-

    800mg Test
    600mg Deca
    600mg Tren

    What do you have for ancillaries?
    How about Progesterone sides?

    What are you're goals at 22 to be running a 4th cycle like this?

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    bigrobbie Member

    With HDH...lay out your estrogen control plans and pct

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