HGH use in early 20’s

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    Forgive me if this topic has already been discussed but I’ve searched this forum quite a bit and haven’t seen a question like this posed.
    My question being is the use of growth hormone efficacious in your early twenties (dosing with 1iu then titrating your dose each week up until 3iu’s daily)? Reason being I know natural production doesn’t decline till around your 30’s, so with using a relatively low dose of GH would it even provide a benefit or are you just replacing what you’d be naturally producing anyways at that point?
    A final follow up question to that being if you were to dose said GH in the morning upon waking while still letting your natural GH pulse at night would you theoretically get more of a benefit than someone older considering you’re still producing and thus needing less exogenously administered?
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    @mands you seem very knowledgeable with plenty of experience on the subject of use. Your opinion would be very much appreciated :)
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    Go get labs done. Check and see where your igf-1 is at naturally. Most likely it’s already going to be high. Maybe even higher than 2iu of gh would put you.
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    Agreed with this. He’s young and more than likely has normal igf levels.

    I would go get tested to see where you fall. Doing 2iu might only succeed in shutting down your natural production, and you’ll essentially shut yourself down to have the same levels exogenously as you did without it. Would be a waste of $.
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    Thank you both, that was my main concern
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    @Anonbbaas as @B Ware stated you certainly should get your levels checked out.

    To answer your questions I would say introducing exogenous HGH to your body at that dose wouldn't be worth it IMO. You could argue that it might help with lipolysis if dosed properly but in all actuality your diet and cardio would help more so than adding any HGH.

    As far as dosing it in the mornings and taking advantage of your night pulse probably isn't a good idea. You would be suppressing your natural pulse by doing so. You wouldn't be shutting down completely but significantly.

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    Absolute waste of money IMO
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    Save the GH till when you are older. Don’t burn that card too early. Unless you are a professional athlete and you have a good reason to use it, or maybe recovering from a serious injury I wouldn’t even recommend using any PEDS till you are at least 25 or more, Think longevity my friend
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    I happen to know a young man I met at evo when it was a new board and some of us were seeing what was really going on there. The kid was brand new to bb'ing/steroid forums and was about to pay $21/iu at a longevity clinic or some spot like that.
    He was a college kid who spoke well and knew what he was after.
    That was 2014 or 2015. I replied to an email he sent me just this morning. His goals with the drugs are different now then they were then but he still knows what he's after.
    The first 6 months I knew him he was running a kit of Serostim a month. 126 iu's a month in his early 20's.
    Let's tag him and see if he'll drop in and give us an experienced comment on gh use by a young man in his early 20's. He's closing in on 30, now. One thing we can be sure of is that he was using genuine Serostim. I know exactly where he copped his kits.
    @aestheticsfirst , you have anything that might help give this kid something to think about?
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    Is there any particular reason you’re looking at potentially using GH that young? Like you’ve mentioned the falloff happens really around 30 and many really notice it mid to late 30s where you’ll get a net gain from using it. Everyone has their opinions but if you are looking for performance increases AAS is going to have a much greater impact as long as you do it right - plenty of great advice here should you choose to go that route.
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    I’m 25, running 4iu of optis a day, making great gains just on a low cruise dose of test and GH, finishing up a humalog run. Don’t know what your goals are but if your not already impaired somehow in your GH production you might just be wasting money. Get a baseline reading from your bloodwork and then figure out if it’s still worth 3iu for you.
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    You’ll make great gains off GH at any age, but if you’re younger I think you’re going to need to use more of it than someone that’s in their 30’s. I used it in my 20’s at the same dose I use today. It definitely helped with fat loss then more than anything.
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    @Anonbbaas @biggerben69

    I have used hgh since my early twenties on and off. What I would recommend is that you start low but titrate up to monitor any sides. You also need to be on it for a while to see results. You will see muscle gain and fat loss for sure especially if you are using pharma. Just be careful and watch out for any sides. Again u gotta start low and work your way up. You also need to be on it for a while. Good luck and pm me if you have any questions
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    Not performance, more of the aid in recovery & positive effects on tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, etc. Addressing PED use by other users and why do young. Initial plan was to wait till my mid to late 20’s, however my profession is sports related and takes a heavy toll on the body. The opportunity to pursue this career has presented itself much earlier in my life than anticipated. Although potentially not the best health wise, I’m sure most of you can relate to following your passion regardless.
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    @Stone 988 forgot to tag you in my explanation above.
    @mands thank you, that will definitely be something to do before I look more into this
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    You're probably not going to fuck yourself up with a little bit of hGH but the stuff doesn't do much anyway. Ive been on for about a month and I don't notice anything much in the way of positive results. Im 45 though and used gear from about 24 until now. Im not huge either but Im much bigger and leaner than I would be without the stuff and it hasn't caused me anything in the way of health concerns. Early 20's is not too young but I don't think you'll get much out of it. Spend your money on food and steroids.