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    Hello I've been away from Meso since 2004. Needless to say I'm back ,but old fat out of shape after 50 its been rough.I am currently on Test therapy from VA. 400 month I want to go on HGH but have no idea of sources process etc .Looking for education and information also possible sleep aids as I cant sleep for shit anymore any suggestions on that??? valium etc who the fuck knows .I still go to the gym but can't do much until Dec. , as I had open should surgery ,4 tendon repairs .
    Stats 5.ft 10in, 235lbs fat index through the fking roof no smoke no drink. But the Fuking carb monster chases me almost everyday and catches me most of the time that bastards is fast, so there is my rants thanks in advance for any guidance ..
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    FB_IMG_1553130976201.jpg what I was at 49
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    Kill two birds with one stone
    I had pretty had sleep problems before I started my HGH run.
    Sleep like a baby and wake up well rested
    As for sources?
    Sorry my friend, do some research within the HGH and peptides forum
    As well as the source Forum.
    If you read the full threads, you will see that the bad apples get exposed for the most part.
    I'll be honest.
    Anyone tells you "yo bro, I'll give you the best and most legit source" Shouldnt be trusted.
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    Even the generic gh has me sleeping like a baby. I wake up 30 min early ready to go. Just that alone is a great tool for me. Benzos (valium) are addicting as hell and suck to come off. Not worth it imo. Been there.
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    Can you pm me with a source ?
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    Don’t trust anyone who sends u a source through PM bud.
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    Ok thanks