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    Hello Meso Members,

    We are an international source for the best pharma grade products whose names are very well known and don’t require much presentation.

    We are new to sales but HGHDaddy will always offer you an outstanding customer support, T/A and consistency.

    We know very well that it is a “win win business”. I hope we can win your trust to win your business.

    I have been in this bussiness for 4 years. I supply for resellers and some big buyers and Professional bodybulders in UK and US. I was on instegram. Many people knows me from instegram as “HGH DADDY”. But I'm tired of being suspended of my accounts on instagram and built this website.



    No one will ever be kept waiting. We are answering e-mails less than 12 hours. For ones who wants to have instant reply can contact us through Whatsapp and Wickr. We answer immediately if we do not sleep or drive.

    Please note that, We are sellers only. So we do not provide consulting service. You can find the leaflet sheet of every each product on our website. You may get all the detailed information from there. However if there are any other questions or suggestions /requirements needed on my part please do not hesitate.

    We have one important rule:
    We NEVER deal with any form of narcotics or anything addictive
    Request will be ignored and email blocked

    Our goods is pharmaceutical grade with its original pack.
    We don’t have a minimum order ammount.
    We always carry live stock.

    Please do not place an order unless you intend to complete payment within 3 days.
 Payment submissions have to be completed within 72 Hours.

    We accept BITCOIN, WU, MG AND BANK TRANSFER (bank transfer only valid for bulk orders 3000 usd or more)

    We are flexible with our 72 hour rule and if you feel you need extra time to complete your payment then please contact us.


    We shipp to all destinations world wide.
    Shippings are full discreet and professional packing.
    We send your order on the the same or the next day after receiving your order’s payment and give the tracking code.

    Regular Airmail - 25 USD.
    (T/A 6 -28 Days)
    -Express Mail Service - 60 USD
    (T/A 4 -21 days)
    Free Shipping for all orders above 300 USD (with Regular Airmail)
    Important: We ship to the address you provide us through the website. If you wish us to ship to any other address, a PO BOX or anything else, please instruct us to do so. Make a ticket or send an email.

    We will not reship if the customer has made any errors in the address information

    RE-SHIPPING info
    We have a great success rate in clearing customs and we will always do everything possible to ensure you receive your order.

    We have %100 free reship guarantee for USA, UK, Spain, and France.
    However if you do have a seizure letter, we will ship it soon as you provide a picture of it.

    Unfortunately we have no reship policy for Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Italy and some other higher risk countries. Please accept our apologies.
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    A list of products offered and prices might be helpful. Also contact info, most won't want to order form a website with all the hacking of customer info that has been going on.
    Edit also this
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  3. B Ware

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    You’re a source from Instagram :eek:
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  4. M. Tugboat

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    What about pics of your stock and your wife's tits?
  5. MindlessWork

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    Yes bad news and same if sourcing on Facebook. Buyer beware!
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    Oh thank you. I thought peple may go and check all my produvts from the website. I will do it soonest
  7. HGHDaddy

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    Hi Yes. But I m exhausted of being banned from there. So I made my mind up to make my website. My customers told me about this muscleguru forum to me to participate
  8. HGHDaddy

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    Thanks. Pls note thatwe always carry live stock. I mean what ever you see on the website is always ready to send in the same or the following day.
    But you are right seeing is beliving. I will shoot picturis of my refrigerator and my shelves soon
  9. T-Bagger

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    No one who sources on social media is taken seriously... ever.
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  10. B Ware

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    There was another guy who sold/ advertised on IG who set up shop here. He went by the name @musclehead320. I believe he's is now locked up for the next 10 years.
  11. HGHDaddy

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    You're so prejudiced. We had really good reputation there. My customers forced me to make the website.
    All I can say make a trial and share your honest opinion here with us. Thats why we are for !!
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    Hi Daddy
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    Ha Ha... Great... HGH Mummies tits are touching to her knees. You wouldnt like it if I put.
    But you are going to like the pictures of my live stock...
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    The real “dad” in the house ladies and gentleman. WHERES YOUR WIFES TITS!? Tits or no business. It’s our right!
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    This guy has barely been here an hour and already has a Meso banner on his site. This makes me cringe and will bring unwanted attention to Meso.

    He must not realize where he is. @HGHDaddy you haven’t earned the right to fly our banner until you've been vetted. We will need pics of stock and testing done.

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    daddy, it hurts but I like it! Don't stop
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  17. Omegistosalex

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    Oh daddy did you just cum in me?
  18. M. Tugboat

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    This is like those type of people you have sex with once and think that you are dating because of that
  19. HGHDaddy

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    Thank you I dont understand why you are cringe
    I know where I am.
    Its the place where I want to be
    We have whatsapp and wikr I can send you direct pictures of our live stock when ever you want

  20. T-Bagger

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    People who post the Meso banner typically pay to advertise instead of freeloading like you are. Imagine the shock of all your IG customers coming here and seeing that, until properly vetted, you are viewed as a joke and not taken seriously by the very board you boast of being on.