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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Cdnnuts, Mar 20, 2018.

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    I've been lurking mostly last while and belong to a Canadian forum but i seem to come back here all the time i like and dislike the no bs tell em like it is atmosphere... I've been training for some time now twenty some years but to be honest many breaks in between I've been in excellent condition and horrible condition that's just the way it went... Im still after it though I'm still growing I've done only 2 "cycles" throughout my years and made mistakes but there was a lot less info back then currently running what most of you would consider laughable almost trt level but im responding very well although still making mistakes I'm sure. Anyway I've had the opportunity to train throughout the years with some monsters and have learned a lot but thats one thing that wont end. Lookin forward to the meso experience!
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    Welcome, always good to start low and get the most out of it. Seeing youre from Canada I cant help to think about Mission Labs getting popped.
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    "Cdnnuts".... You have no idea how much you remind me of someone.
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    Lmao your post reminds me of the same GUY.lol
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    Hi thanks for the welcomes and as far as reminding you guys about someone not sure really lol ive never been too active on any forum but anyway thanks again...the mission comment...i did see some posts here about it and although i look at or try to decipher the stuff about various labs i didnt even know this was a big deal really sorry for my ignorance theres just so much info and so many labs out there
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    Welcome to Meso and just have a thick skin as this forum is like no other. Yes and Canadians are totally nuts haha.
  7. Cdnnuts

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    Yes that we are lol