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    Hey All,

    Just wanted to introduce myself...I have been reading this forum for awhile now, at first for sources after the Naps security breach, and then found this forum to have the least bro science and the most real science so I began to follow threads in order to increase my knowledge on PEDs since I am rather new to the game (currently on my 5th cycle and been using for just under 3 years; also, I have never used more than a 3 compound cycle and have never used any PED other than AAS, no stims, peptides, etc.). Anyways, I have been a leech on the community for a bit now but hope that going forward I can be a productive member of the society - I am an ER doctor and recently completed my fellowship so I mostly hope to use relevant aspects of my medical education and my short but hopefully useful experience to help others pursue their goals in the most healthy, educated, and efficient manner possible for them. I also look forward to asking the far more experienced and educated members of this forum questions since I have already gathered so much knowledge from others without even having to ask! Looking forward to getting to know y'all better.


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    Wow, an ER doctor! That is a major accomplishment. Congratulations. I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say we are glad to have you here. Welcome @Jackreature.
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    Thanks Man! Appreciate the welcome and the kind words!
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    Awesome, welcome aboard!
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    Have you seen any AAS users in the ER yet?
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    The only issues I see that I can trace 100% back to steroid use are abscesses and very few people will admit they are from steroid use. However, when you have a guy who is clearly not a heroin addict and they have an abscess on their ass, shoulder, etc. I would bet I know what I'm looking at haha. I do see fucked up bloods that are from admitted steroid use (when I see certain things I beg them to tell me they are using AAS so I don't have to go crazy trying to figure out why they have no HDL lol) and I do get steroid use as part of a medical history for a critical patient on a sporadic basis. However, I have yet to have a critical patient who was suffering a classic long-term steroid-related complication like some or multiple forms of organomegaly (enlargement of the organs), liver disease, kidney failure, atherosclerosis (artery blockage), MI (heart attack), etc. and I felt certain that AAS was the sole and/or primary factor that led to their condition. I've never had a young person come in with a MI who didn't have a pretty extensive family history, for example, regardless of whether they were on steroids. Honestly, though, its also not too important at that point - my job is to ensure that the person survives the next 24 hours no matter how their arteries got clogged or why their liver is fatter than a sumo wrestler. If they survive, a specialist will figure out the cause and what about their lifestyle needs to be changed in order to survive. It is important to note that these are also just my experiences in two emergency rooms over the course of a few short years in the same metropolis in America. I also am not a specialist in any field; ER docs are jacks of all trades - we know a little about a lot but do tend to have knacks; for instance, I have a knack for picking out endocrinology issues, likely because I've had my own and they interest me most. I don't get to treat patients beyond their acute phase; all patients must be admitted or discharged within 24 hours. If a critical patient can be stabilized they are taken out of my care and from that point forward their care is managed by a more qualified provider who specializes in their condition and they are moved to a unit with the proper equipment, nurses, fellows, PAs, etc. to treat that condition. You may very well be able to find a cardiologist or nephrologist or even an ER doc who would come here and completely contradict my beliefs and share their own experiences that very may well contradict my own. Sorry for the long answer but this is one of the topics that interests me most - what is the actual extent of the damage that chronic steroid usage can cause beyond the well-documented hormonal issues that we all know and try to protect ourselves from during pct. Maybe we'll be able to gather info and experience from the enormous field of educated users on this forum to really delve into that topic and sort of study it. I wouldn't doubt if we have a larger sample size here on Meso than any other study ever done on AAS has had (other than the East German and Russian sports doping government programs hahaha). This type of stuff is truly exciting to me though so excuse the over exuberance if its bleeding through lol.
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    Can an abcess develop from an IM injection that is not deep enough(e.g. subcutaneous)? Or are they generally from unsanitary conditions?

    I think most people are afraid to admit to AAS usage because of the legal ramifications and/or they don't want their insurance to find out and end up losing their coverage. Would HIPPA protect an AAS if they admitted to a doctor or nurse about their usage?

    Also can you elaborate on what you have seen when you say "fucked up bloods"?

    From a medical standpoint, what advice would you give to someone using small amounts of AAS?

    What are your thoughts on PCT?

    Thank you in advance for your expertise.
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    This is awesome...great topics already! I'll do my best to answer them from my experiences:

    Abscesses I see are almost always from unsanitary conditions and I do think putting loads of oil into yourself subcutaneously is more risky. I can't say that it would cause an abscess every time or even sometimes but an IM injection tends to be absorbed quicker and stay in one spot better so the likelihood of bacteria spreading or manifesting in a spot for a long period of time is relatively low compared to a SC shot. I would also HOPE that, for aesthetic and comfort reasons, anybody injecting more than .3cc, .5cc AT MOST, is going IM but I would RECOMMEND that anybody injecting any volume of AAS go IM. Just a brief aside, if this question is stemming from needle size, like you are not sure if you are using a needle that reaches a muscle every time, then here is what I would say: Get yourself a 23 or 25 gauge needle that is AT LEAST 1" long and jab it in your upper, outer ass - DON'T TWIST IT IN OR ANY SHIT LIKE THAT. Don't use a 27 gauge 5/8" because you think it may hurt less because that's only going to cause you more issues in the long run or because you are going into your delts. I use 23g 1" in my delts just fine, no pain, and its not because I'm a doctor - its cause I just jab it in to the center of a muscle belly, inject slowly, pull out quick, and massage the area for a minute. If you follow that protocol and your're not injecting large volumes of Test Prop or something like that then injections should be rather painless and PIP should be nearly non-existent in the ass or shoulder. Also, I suggest getting your materials from healthykin.com cause they have ANY size you could ever want of needles and syringes plus they are cheap and deliver quickly.

    I want to make this one clear as day: YOUR MEDICAL INFORMATION INCLUDING YOUR DRUG HISTORY CAN NOT BE SHARED WITH ANYBODY UNLESS YOU SIGN A RELEASE FORM STATING THAT YOU WANT THAT INFORMATION TO BE SHARED UNLESS THE INFORMATION YOU SHARED PUTS YOU OR OTHERS AT RISK OF SEVERE IMMEDIATE HARM OR DEATH (i.e. I'm going to slit my wrists in the bathtub when I get home; severe immediate harm DOES NOT include injecting drugs). You have full control over your personal information including your drug usage and I, along with every other doctor, have to both follow HIPPA law as well as our Hippocratic oath to "first, do no harm" and sharing somebody's private information does them direct harm. I'll end this by asking that you PLEASE tell your doctor EVERYTHING so they can treat you properly. Don't worry about the looks or the tones - your health and well being is paramount to what some asshole doctor or nurse thinks about you. One of the most frustrating things in my profession is people lying to me when I'm trying to help them and as a result my performance is hindered and your care is diminished. I would suggest that if you are going to tell anybody everything about you the person you tell should be your doctor - we'll never use it against you like your wife (lol) and it may save your life one day.

    Sure: really weird lipid panels and/or liver enzymes in people far too young and healthy to have chronic liver disease or worse cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. than the 80 year old guy who just died in the next room from a heart attack who had a lifelong history of heart issues. That's usually it because I am only running basic panels since I am usually just looking for major, obvious issues that I can stabilize before the specialist takes over. I'm sure a specialist in cardiology, hepatology, nephrology, etc. could tell you about some really crazy blood work due to AAS, especially oral AAS.

    Small amounts can be a pretty wide variation, especially on this forum lol, but lets say you are talking about the guy taking 500mg of test as a cycle. I would tell that person nothing other than to get blood work done prior to the cycle for baseline, blood work mid-cycle to ensure they aren't doing any serious damage, and then about three months after completing PCT to ensure you have returned to baseline. Other than that, if they asked about dietary restrictions while on AAS the only thing I would tell them would be don't believe the BS that you need 2 grams of protein per lb. of body weight to gain muscle because I don't want to see anybody consuming that volume of meat and dairy but I especially don't want to see the person on AAS consuming that much. I'm all for the 1 gram of protein per lb. but people that get to 1.5 - 2 grams per lb. I think do more harm then good to themselves. And when cholesterol and liver enzymes are already being compromised from AAS use, I want to reduce the other inflammatory factors as much as possible. I'd say, if you want to build muscle, ensure your protein is at 1 gram per lb. and then slowly increase your carbs especially at breakfast and around your workouts.

    Concerning PCT, the only thing I disagree with that I hear a lot of is using hcg through your cycle. Its just unnecessary IMO and another balancing act you have to maintain during your cycle. There is NO risk of permanently turning turning your balls if you have exogenous testosterone in abundance and have the HCG to turn them back on when the exogenous testosterone is removed. Wait until the longest ester's half life has ran its course (10-14 days after your final Test E or C shot) then run 10 days of HCG straight at 500mg - 1000mg per day depending on size of Test dose (anybody using a gram or more per week should go with the 1000mg per day) and immediately follow those 10 days with 4-6 weeks of SERMs. Also, keep extra HCG on hand if you don't see your balls growing back after the first 10 days so you can run another 10 days. Also, be sure to stay on your AI until you begin your SERMs if aromatization has been an issue for you. Also, I don't think you NEED both nolvadex and clomid but if it makes you feel better then go ahead and take both. Other than that, I have nothing groundbreaking or special to say about PCT - its one of the simplest protocols and nothing really changes with your PCT as you progress and add additional AAS to your cycles.

    I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to follow up with anything else. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum brother! Glad to have a Dr available to help us. We have another Dr here, but he is kinda a prick. You seem pretty cool. Lol. @Dr JIM

    Btw, healthykin sent me an email a few weeks back stating they are no longer going to be selling needles and syringes. Bummer.
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    Lol thanks man! I will do my best to be as helpful as possible. It’s been an awesome experience since I finally introduced myself a couple days ago...honestly don’t know why the hell I waited so long to get involved lol.

    Oh boy that’s terrible news! They’re so easy and convenient! I guess it’s time to order a whole bunch of supplies so I don’t have to think about it for awhile hahaha! I unsubscribed from their e-mails so I didn’t get that notice - did you happen to see a final sale date on the notice? Maybe we can get a lifelong supply on clearance lol!
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    What's the weirdest thing you've removed from someone's rectum?

    Welcome to Meso.
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    I was in the ER a few ago from injecting DHB.
    It caused a massive hematoma on my ass.
    There was NO INFECTION! They didn’t prescribe any antibiotics. I had internal bleeding that caused a dry blood clot in the muscle. They thought at first that I was I IV drug user. It happen to be true except it wasn’t narcotics. I admitted to my AAS usage and the ER doctor couldn’t have cared less.
    So what’s the the lesson learned? Don’t use DHB, and they won’t arrest you or raid you house for using steroids. o_O
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    Gerbil...Richard Gere is a regular at my hospital.

    Thanks, brother!
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    Is that you in your profile picture?
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    Jesus man where the hell were you internally bleeding from? Be careful brother...I wish I had some tip for ya but it sounds like you just got terribly unlucky. I am glad you told your doctor the truth though haha!
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    Lol nah it’s not.
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    Damnit that would have been sweet.
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    Maybe I’ll do a re-enactment of that pic sometime...thanks for the idea ahaha.