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    There’s pics in my current log. You should check it out for future reference. o_O They did a CT scan and ultrasound and the DR geared up with a plastic face mask and to cut it open and there was nothing inside.It was really really hard, now it’s soft! He said the hematoma was unusually large but it would eventually re absorb back into my glute. It’s been exactly two weeks and it reduced size by almost half already. The pain came from the lump pulling on my nerves on my lower back. Crazy!!
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    Hey man,
    Sorry for the late response but holy smokes am I glad that we have another physician in the community who can help guide people with their medical knowledge.

    Did you order the VAR yet? What my have you decided to run at?
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    I deleted the email. But I emailed them today to find out. Here is what they said:

    Thank you for contacting us. We don’t have an exact date, but our technicians are working to remove these from our website. Feel free to order now while they are online. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Dan Brown
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  4. Doc, welcome, welcome, over and over! Thank you for such an elaborate and copious introduction. It was nice to learn some of the ins/out of the ER. Also, your honesty as to your level of experience. I appreciate that the most, as I have always felt doctors are somewhat arrogant..and deservingly so I suppose. LOl. On the note, I truly hope that we at a Meso can provide you with the data and information you seek and we too gain from your opinion. For instance, I recently learned that I have a currently non-aggressive form of leukemia (CLL). Although I was able to rule out anabolics as a cause by tracing back bloods to well before I ever touched a steroid. Nevertheless, I was/am concerned to know how the proliferation of RBC due to AAS can indirectly or inadvertently intensify my condition per se. My hematologist was not exactly sure but did express concern that since my disease is in the blood that potentially more red bloods would mean more cancer cells as well and thereby a concern that the scale is not tipped unfavorable. It was compelling at first but then I got to thinking what if I had low blood numbers? Wouldn't that then reduce the threat? Who knows. But something doesn’t add up. LOL.

    Oh well, if I went off in a tangent. Basically want to emphasize that we need more doctored and some (criminal) lawyers would be cool too :cool:.

    Nevertheless, welcome again sir.
  5. Finally, someone asked the question everyone is thinking but afraid to ask. Hahahha.
  6. Was it still alive, the gerbil? :confused:
    Would that warrant anamal abuse and criminal charges? :mad:

    Richard Gere hu? Why am I not surprised! :p
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    I was reading through your log and Jesus man DHB sounds like a terror. You did completely stop the DHB, right? It is clearly not treating you well.

    It sounds like you were hitting the VG in the same spot with a harsh drug and you inflamed the hell out of the area causing the abnormally large bruise (hematoma; don't you hate when docs make something sound so much more scientific then it is lol?) and the scar tissue they mistook for an abscess. The fact it was rock hard should've given the doc a little clue that it was not an abscess but at least you got some relief and you are on the mend now.

    Personally, I avoid the VG for this reason - its too easy to jab the same spot over and over causing inflammation, scar tissue, etc. whereas I find the glute proper and the delt are easier to rotate around on IMO, especially if you have someone to pin your rear delts (besides the upper outer glute this is probably the best spot due to lack of nerves, blood vessels, etc.).
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    Thanks EQ! I appreciate the kind welcome and I look forward to learning from you as well!

    I'm gonna be running the SAS TBol starting in about 10 days but I haven't considered using var yet. I am going to run the TBol at 37.5mg to start and see how it treats me, particularly appetite wise, and if I am feeling good 2 - 3 weeks in I'll bump up to 50mg for the final few weeks. I gotta write up and post my cycle log, just every time I sit down to do it I get distracted or something comes up.
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    Oh thats right, I'm sorry brother, confused the Tbol with the Var. Get excited man, really is one of my favorite mild orals and I will be running it now on in most of my cycles. How are you planning to get it to such an exact dose? Sas tbol comes in capsules!
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    Hahaha...when I was younger there was a huge rumor about Richard Gere requiring an ER visit because he had gotten a Gerbil stuck in his ass while "Gerbil-stuffing," which is a pretty self explanatory title for a sex act. I linked a article with a video below about the story and how it started. In the video it talks about a fake press release by PETA or some other similar org that was sent to news agencies everywhere charging Gere with "abusing" a Gerbil lol. This was all taken as fact when I was young lol.

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    I got my own capsules and a mg scale...gonna crack em open and split em into my own capsules. I know this won't be a perfect split with the additive but I just feel like 25mg is too low and 50mg seems a bit high for a first ever oral dose. But I have always reacted well to injectable AAS so I am hoping I have a similar positive reaction to orals. Maybe I should save myself the trouble though and just start at 50 and if I'm really having issues I can step down or just stop and fall back on the Test and EQ.
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    That's as great as the rumor that Rod Stewart swallowed to much cum one night and had to be rushed to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. Anytime someone (obviously that I know well) brings up the guy I always open with "you know he swallowed so much semen one night he got his stomach pumped right? After collapsing at a post-concert party, he was rushed to an emergency room, where doctors pumped a pint of semen out of his stomach " I always get the "no way is that true" and I tell them to google it - they find the snopes article where I then pretend to be shocked that it's not true. Classic.
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    Obviously caution is key but I do think cracking and re-stacking to trim off barely 13mg a dose is overboard. 50mg is not a crazy amount to start with and I believe you will be quite happy with the results. The risk/reward of TBol side effects wise is why it's one of my favorite orals. Very very low.
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    A question for you jack. Besides accutane. Any good medical advice on controlling AAS (mostly from the Deca and Mast) triggered acne? Reverted to Salyic acid and tea tree oil but the results are minimal. Would an antibiotic topical be fitting?
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    Thank you so much for the welcome and kind words! I hope I can be half as helpful as y'all are hoping lol.

    First, I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis but it sounds like you are taking care of yourself and going to make a full recovery. Please keep me updated on your status and feel free to reach out at anytime with any questions, concerns, or anything you need. I'm no expert on cancer but I do, unfortunately, treat people suffering life-threatening cancer related complications on occasion and I have tremendous respect for those who get a cancer diagnosis and continue to live their life so kudos to you my friend.

    Honestly, if you had any other cancer besides Leukemia (or Prostate) I would say that AAS is unlikely to have a marked effect on your treatment in any way. As you may know, some AAS were, and sometimes still are, used to treat certain forms of cancer. Anavar remains on the US market almost solely to treat certain forms of breast cancer, for example, but these are rare cases. When you are talking about a cancer that is in the blood, it seems that the possibility of increasing the cancerous cells with AAS is just too high. I am going to do a little research on this and also see if I can pin down an oncologist or a hematologist in my hospital and pick their brain on this.

    Funny enough, one of my good friends and workout partners is a lawyer (not a criminal but he has no problems sharing information that may help criminals lol) and I have been coaxing him the past couple of days to join because he would be invaluable here. So, hopefully, that happens and, if it does, I'll make sure to tell you guys so you can bombard him with questions lol.

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    Hmm, this is something I am lucky enough to not have to combat myself so I have very minimal experience. Honestly, though, I don't think anything works better than your classic preventative techniques: keep the areas prone to excessive oil clean, dry, and exfoliated so the oils can escape the skin instead of building up into pimples and acne. If you are talking about BAD acne, like your upper back is covered or something along those lines, then I would suggest an oral antibiotic. Topical won't do any good because the bacteria is underneath the skin and therefore needs to be attacked from within the body. Hope this helps!

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    Well that didn't take much convincing...50 it is!!! I'll keep you posted on the effects once I start. One more question on your experience with TBol...have you been taking your entire dose in one shot or do you split it in two? If you do split it, how do you prefer to time it?


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    Hey man good morning. Thanks for checking the log and pics. Actually the urgent care doctor was kind of scared when she saw it!
    Nobody ever said it was and abscess except me, lol that’s why I though draining it might help. I’ve done this with old skateboard injuries with success.

    Yes DHB is a bitch and I tossed that shit almost three weeks ago, 25ml to be exact. The problem lies in that it can only be injected in the glute. Lol, I don’t care how much you cut it, you can’t pin it in the delts or quads. So yes using glutes over and over caused severe trauma and bruising. It was the worst pip you can imagine and sometimes it would take 2 days to appear.

    The lump is still there especially if I tighten and flex my glutes. When realaxed it’s not as noticeable. This was a painful and embarrassing life lesson. Anyway thanks for looking into it for me and I can already tell it’s going to be a nice having you around.
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    Thanks for looking into that, man! I just placed a large order...hopefully they don't stop it or something lol.

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    Glad to see you back on here doc. Most of the common injection sites I hear guys use are the glutes, delts, and quads. Are those the best sites to use in your opinion?

    Also, does your hospital use filter needles when using vials or only when using ampules?