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  1. Hummm, rear delt hu? ;)
    Guess what I’m trying out next? :p
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    Lol you must have some long arms.
    I can’t think of a more awkward place to pin yourself. Now if someone is pinning you then sure, but only for 1-1.5ml.
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    Thanks man, appreciate that.

    You did, however, remind me that I wanted to talk about the choice to drain this yourself and that you have done it before. Please, for heaven's sake, don't do that. If it were an infected abscess you put yourself in an extremely dangerous position: you run the risk of pushing deadly bacteria from underneath your skin into your muscle where it is FAR MORE LIKELY to enter your blood stream and cause sepsis. You do not want sepsis. Also, you could push it into a vein, blood vessel, etc. which is even more dangerous but that is, admittedly, less likely for IM AAS users then it is for IV street drug users. I'm very serious about this though...I know abscesses are an issue that arises often due to our lifestyle and there is also a lot of unnecessary shame and guilt we feel with sharing our lifestyle with our caretakers. BUT, and I am not trying to use hyperbole to scare you, the decision to handle an abscess yourself, especially by sticking a needle in to drain it, can have a fatal consequence. I have seen it happen to IV drug users who, unfortunately, also feel unnecessary shame and guilt PLUS they tend to live in far more unsanitary conditions and inject IV versus IM...so they develop an abscess, they think they can drain it cause they've done it a hundred times before without any problems, but this time they push some bacteria into their blood stream and before they know what hit them they are in septic shock and its too late. This a terrible way to die and it is completely avoidable so PLEASE seek care if you believe you have an abscess.

    IF you elect to attempt to handle an infected abscess on your own, and this is NOT a recommendation but simply knowledge I want to share because I know some of you will do it yourself no matter what and I want you to do it as safely as possible, DO NOT drain it with a needle or stick anything in it at all. This is what to do: As soon as you see the abscess begin to develop apply hot compresses to it for a few minutes at a time frequently throughout the day...as often as you can. If you catch it early enough and it hasn't progressed too far, you can actually cause the abscess to pop, drain, and heal simply by forcing uninfected blood, and therefore WBC, into the area with the hot compress to combat the infected pus in the abscess. Once it does pop though, get ready to let it drain for a bit and be sure to have some gauze or tissue handy at all times since you never know when "POP goes the weasel" lol. I have suffered one myself on my right middle delt but knew exactly what was happening and was able to use this method to eradicate it completely...didn't even leave a scar. However, if you do not catch it early and it has grown to approximately more than 1" across, this will require some form of "surgery." Now, you can use the hot compress method to start the process and get the abscess to soften and maybe even open up a bit, but to fully drain it and get rid of the infection completely you will need to perform a minor self-procedure. Get as much STERILE gauze as you can and surround the abscess with it. You will need a sterile blade, preferable a scalpel, and you will have to use that blade to incise across the ENTIRE abscess from one end to the other. An enormous amount of very nasty, stink, pussy, blood will pout out of the abscess for an extended period of time so be prepared with plenty of time and gauze to sit there and let it flow. DO NOT, under any circumstances, try to speed up the flow or ensure you get it all out. Pinching it or any force to the area in an attempt to hasten the draining will only increase the chances of the infection either staying right where it is or getting in deeper and causing more problems. If it stops flowing but you can see there is still pus to be drained, clean the area, bandage the area, and let it rest for overnight. The next day re-start the hot compress process - this will likely open it right back up and the flow will begin basically every time you put a hot compress to it. As long as pus is coming out, keep doing it until either nothing comes out or a clear liquid is streaming out. You have likely cleared the infection at that point, however, it is still important to run an antibiotic for the next 7-10 days, preferably Clindamycin, just in case you have some remaining bacteria in there waiting to reinfect the area. As a quick aside, an antibiotic alone is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to cure an infected abscess without first draining it.

    Sorry for the long post but I feel this is really important. Also, @Morefyah I don't mean to use you as an example and please don't take it as me trying to call you out or embarrass you in anyway - I just felt it was the perfect opportunity to discuss this as I have heard about MANY AAS users draining abscesses with needles. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions.

    Thanks guys,

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    Haahaha...nah, I said "if you have somebody to pin for you" then I would suggest going for the rear delt lol. I have my nurses give patients IM benzos and shit like that in the rear delt rather than the mid delt cause the pain is non-existent due to the lack of nerves and there is no bleeding due to the lack of vessels. Also, if you ever get a cortisone shot in your shoulder, you'll notice the doctor will put that huge needle in to your rear delt for this reason as well. It is, IMO, a great spot if you have a partner willing to do it. I would agree that over 1.5cc or 2cc you must pin in the glute though.

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  5. doxycycline hyclate 100mg 2x a day. Took about a week and a half when I noticed backne start to diminish and by a month it came to a dead holt. Nevertheless, especially with an DHT, that bacteria with fester. So you gotta wash, wash and wash.
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    No jack I don’t take offense at all. You just shared a lot of useful knowledge. Thank you!
    Now what would recommend for a situation like mine, where there was no infection. How do treat a VERY LARGE raised lump not caused from an infection, abrupt trauma with ZERO bruising. The obvious answer is to stop all injections in the irritated area. But with no infection, no puss and no leakage. Ice, heat, massage? None of these helped me. The only pain was from the stretching of the lump effecting the nerves on my lower back.

    What would you do to treat this if caught in the early stages of forming?
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  7. This ^^^^^ right here gets a bookmark!
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    Without actually having been there to witness and exam it myself it is really hard to say exactly what was happening and therefore give you any really good advice but my guess is an accumulation of scar tissue from overuse of an inflammatory compound. So, your body was creating its normal small amounts of scar tissue in response to the needle trauma but the area got so inflamed from the DHB that it overreacted and created an abnormal amount of scar tissue in an effort to heal and protect the area from the perceived trauma and inflammation. The only preventative or curative measures I know of for that would be to switch injection sites and stop the inflammatory compound, in this case, DHB and bet on the likelihood that your body will do its job and the scar tissue will completely dissipate over time. I really don't think there is any specific treatment for that just like there is nothing I could give you to guarantee your scar from a stitched wound will fully dissipate. I know this is not a very helpful answer but I did my best...E for effort lol?


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  9. Now that you have coerced me to not do it myself LOL, I have no choice but to permit the little lady to do it with her ever so unsteady hands :confused:.
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    Your reply sounds spot on! That was a more descriptive explanation then I received in the urgent care or ER. I wish you had joined up a few weeks ago! Thanks again for taking time out of your day.
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    Welcome and love the info keep it up
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    Thanks brother!
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    So, how did this go? Did you catch one in the trap or was it all good lol?
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  14. Hey Doc, how you doing man?
    Yeah, did it this morning with my wife's help. Did 1.5 in each rear delt. Its pretty easy. First injection, left delt, went practically unnoticed. I think she got comfortable and slightly rushed the 2nd injection on the right delt, but other than some rush of pressure as the oil was going in, i felt no pain or discomfort in either site really.

    Here is the kicker, remember i said she has unsteady hands :confused:? Well, in her excitement at a job well done, the syringe slips out of her hand and landed right in my leg, just above my knee :eek:.

    She's like OMG let met get it out! :eek:
    To which i reply "don't you dare move a muscle!! o_O

    All is well though. LOL. :p
    Yes, I will be using this as a rotation site however.
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  15. I dont know how to adiquatily express my gratitude here. The suggestion alone means a great deal to me. Thank you sir.

    I think this is what my doctor was trying to say, but didn't know for a fact, as I'm sure there is little to no clinical research to verify in fact.

    That would be awesome. Thank you brother.

    Hey, maybe we can entice him over to the anabolic side. LOL
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    Well Im glad it almost went perfectly hahah. Must’ve hurt a bit catching it in the thigh like that though...I am glad you had a good experience with the rear delt shot. It really is a great spot if you have a partner to help you.
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    Of course man! It’s not an empty offer. I know how important it can be to have your questions answered and concerns allayed when coping with a serious illness - nobody wants to feel confused and lost especially on issues concerning the wellness of their own body and mind.

    IMO one of the biggest injustices in medicine and pharma research is the lack of research on AAS. NOBODY knows what they do when taken at the supraphysiological levels we use except the subjective experiences of the people who use them. We can prognosticate and form educated hypothesis but there is such little evidence on what is objectively happening both positively and negatively within the body when large doses are injected. So, being that we can’t even really say what the drug does or how it works exactly, we DEFINITELY can’t tell you how it effects certain cancers - anything anybody tells you is either gonna be subjective experience or educated guesses.

    It’s my pleasure - I hope I can find some useful nugget of info for you!

    That’s the thing - he uses but, like me, is extremely wary about sharing his lifestyle
    on an open forum. However, I’ve realized that as long as you are intelligent and aware you have nothing to be concerned about. So, hopefully, he gets his ass on here soon lol.
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  18. I think I was more horrified than anything. It happened so quickly I honestly didn’t even feel the need jab into my thigh. But it’s funny how it happened so it was all good.
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    In your leg?! :eek:
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  20. Yup. :(...but no real harm done. :p
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