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    Hi all

    Glad to be on board, new resident in Spain, mid 40s, on TRT and a powerlifting fan, although a rather weak one.
    Interested in discussing PL, over 40 y o training,
    cycles and their legion of side effects, as well as EU based suppliers, although I regularly end up reading other topics.
    Fwiw I´ve just come back from several years in Hk and across the border China side, very little experience with the black market there, but if you need recent information on what´s available in the drugstores or on Taobao (chinese amazon, shipping within China only), feel free to ask.
    Especially mainland side of the border it sucked very much though, so don´t expect an update anytime soon!

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    Are there many spanish members here ? Laws seem pretty lax here steroidswise, but all main competitions seem drug tested, PL is overwhelmingly IPF related, so I can t see the local athletes coming too openly to Meso
    this doesn´t mean the local guys are weak, there´s a bunch of competitive smaller nattier and younger dudes outlifting me easily in the PL oriented gyms.
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    Welcome to Meso
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    Welcome... we have been expecting you
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