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    HI All,

    I am new here and while browsing around, this has certainly got to be the most informative forum about this subject matter that anyone could ever hope for.

    I am 44 and have been a 'civil servant' all of my adult life. I have been recovering from a very serious, work related, injury that occurred in 2001. The good news is that I have fully recovered after years of intensive physical therapy and strength conditioning. The bad news (although this very good in the long run for me) is that I am going to returning to work sometime around December 2009. I will be able to go back to full duty after an 8 year absence and need to make some serious changes very fast to help facilitate this.

    I was on long term pain management therapy for years, which of course included opiate pain pills. I am sure that everyone here knows that extended use of pain pills depletes testosterone levels and causes all sorts of other problems. I have been off the pain meds for over a year and just recently began using Testosterone Enanthate 200mg/5ml, at a prescribed level of 200mg per week. I am also taking tamoxifen at 20mg per day.

    I have self-increased the injections to 600-800mg per week (yes, I do have a good supply). In addition to being older now and having to return to a job that requires me to be in the best physical condition I can be in and maintain a good strength level, I am also 8 years older than I was the last time I was able to work and need to be in the best shape I can get in.

    I apologize for writing a life story, but it is relevant in helping get some questions answered and I do hope that there is someone here that could please help me with a few questions? I have been on the injections for 7-8 weeks now, but just recently increased them from 200mg a week to 600-800mg a week.

    1) I do need to gain muscle mass and at a fairly rapid rate. At the current 600-800mg of Test Ent that I am injecting, along with the Tamoxifen, is this a good dose to help make solid gains?

    2) Is the does to high or to low? I am responding very well so far with no noticeable side effects other than some mild water weight that the Tamoxifen seemed to help lower, but I already seem to reaching a plateau.

    3) Are there other prescription drugs that I can stack with the current Test Ent that will help me make gains faster?? My doctor understands my situation and while he is not going to do anything illegal, he does seem willing to help me. I just need to have more information to ask him about other drugs that could help when I see him again next week.

    4) Are ANY of over the counter supplements, such as D-Bol useful at all and would it help to stack one or more with the injections? If so, at what dose? Also, should I increase the Testosterone injections and how high can I go?

    5) Are creatine and whey proteins also a good additive to this mixture? I am NOT trying to bodybuild! I need to gain about 20 pounds and increase my strength and mass. I have very good muscle memory and I am noticing very good results already, but seem to be at a plateau (sp?) after just a few weeks? Is that normal?

    I know I have asked a lot of questions and I do not expect anyone to take the time to answer all of this for me, but ANY help would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for any help!

    This really seems like a nice, tight community and I look forward to becoming a part of it. Thanks again and I do sincerely thank anyone who can offer some advice!!

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    600-800mg should be enough.

    You can increase the dose of nolva.

    How much proteins do you eat/day ?

    ( Just to get things startet. Sure you will get better answers from other members :) )
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    Thank you very much for responding! I am going to try and simplify this some so it is not so long and I might get a few more replies. I do appreciate you letting me know about the 800mgs being enough. I don't want to waste any of it if more won't help and I don't want to take too little, since I do have a enough to go much higher.

    Currently I am consuming about 250 grams of protein a day, 80% by food, with some supplements. I am 5'10" and weigh 195 at about 14% body fat. The body fat needs to come down and the mass and strength needs to increase.

    My normal 'work weight' is 205-212 at 6-9% body fat. That is my goal. Because of the severity of the injury, I have not been able to lift anything heavy until just recently and I do not want to over do it now. I have about 12-16 weeks to get closer to my desired weight and body fat percentage.

    So let me try to simplify this by breaking down what I have available and if anyone can recommend a cycle or anything that I can stack to this (or take away from it).

    1) I have enough testosterone Enanthate 200mg/5ml to use up to 1000mg per week for 12 weeks.

    2) I have enough androgel to use 10 grams per day (100mg) every day for the next 12 weeks. I forgot to add that in my last post.

    3) I have enough of the tamoxifen to last 1 year and am currently at 20mg a day. Will increasing that or decreasing that help in anyway and how?

    4) Will adding Anadrol 50mg-150mg for about 4 weeks help me to gain the mass I need? Is there another oral that I could use with the Test that would help and that is easier on the liver?? My doctor will write for certain things, but nothing too outrageous.

    5) Do any of the over the counter supplements such as "D-BOL" help or even work and is it tough on the liver? Would it help to add something like that to my daily routine.

    6) Should I increase my protein intake from 250 grams a day to a much higher intake? Will creatine help? I have been out of this community for 8 years because of the injury so I am sure that there are so many new things I do not even know about that might be able to help???

    If anyone can just please look at what I have available and give me some tips on creating a good cycle for 12 weeks, I would sincerely appreciate it!

    Thanks again for your reply Grappler76 and I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help at all.
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    Ya, don't we all! :D
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    I know the questions I have are long, but I really would appreciate any advice. Maybe I can shorten it with this:

    If someone had the following available to them and needed to gain about 15 solid pounds (and lose about 5% BF), how would they use it and for how long:

    testosterone Enanthate 200mg/5ml enough for 1000mg per week for 12 weeks. (1 vial per week if I even need that much?) How often and what size injections?

    androgel pump, enough for 10 grams/100mg per DAY for 12 weeks.

    nolvadex 10mg, enough to take up to 40mg a day for 12 weeks (when is a good time to start taking this?? All the way through the cycle or just at the end??)

    Can anyone just tell me how THEY might use that combination please?

    I also have access to Anadrol , enough for up to 150mg per day for 4 weeks, but have never used it before.

    Can someone just give me a little advice about what type cycle they would do with this amount and for how long? Any other supplements or anything OTC that you would add??

    Thanks for ANY help I can get!!
  6. Jeton

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    most here would advise nothing higher than 50mg of Anadrol, and while i'm willing to risk 100 and NO more (being otherwise exquisitely nice to my liver b4, during and well after) i think in your case it may be overkill...i don't think liver injury is worth the risk in your situation. also, i THINK that with Anadrol u risk gyno via mechanisms beyond what SERMs or AIs would address...n whatever daily dose u take, split it into 2 or 3x/day.

    also, all drugs have risks...but i'd take arimidex over tamoxifen almost any day. at ur test dosage u may want to try 1/4 adex EOD...but how's your lipid panel? u'll definitely need some E2 at ur age to lessen cardiac risks, at least according to my doctor. test/E2 ratio of 20:1-30:1 is ideal, closer to 20:1 as u age.

    btw, will ur doc freak if he finds ur t-levels far above what he expects for the dosage he rx'd?

    the stickies have good injection suggestions, basically avoid injecting more than 2-3ml in any one site at a time, alternate sites while trying to inject into the center mass of a muscle, always be ultra sterile and inject very slowly with a sure and steady hand. the more often u inject, the steadier ur levels will be but u have to alternate locations more. for butt shots, "upper-outer quadrant" ONLY...google-image search for "intramuscular injection". some will tell u to 'aspirate/register' the needle (push needle in, c if there's blood in syringe, if so u toss syringe + contents n start over), but neither i nor my docs or nurses ever have for IM injections...it's never been an issue. there's risk, but my impression is that it's overstated.

    gram for gram, casein is probably the best protein supp for gains, especially at night or for durations when u'll be away from food for hours. whey is great since u can have a shake every hour or so. if ur kidneys r good u could probably hit 300-350 grams a day...but check with ur doc. and drink tons of liquids n get enuff micronutrients. potassium chloride salt substitutes are a great, cheap and safe way to supp your potassium intake, just make sure it dissolves fully b4 ingestion.

    keep an eye out for any seriously "wrong" feelings, especially during the week after u add something to ur cycle.

    others can give u better suggestions for pct than i ever could...hope this helps.
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    You may want to talk to your doctor about hcg to keep your testes producing testosterone. 500 iu twice a week is enough.

    Oral Winstrol (stanozolol) , in addition to it's own anabolic activity, lowers SHBG. Reduction in SHBG frees Testosterone to do it's job. 20 mg - 40 mg a day in divided doses. It's typically prescribed at much lower doses (5 - 10 mg/day) for muscle wasting and angioedema. It's the shit that the canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for, starting the anti AAS crusade.

    Personally I would not exceed 700 mg of test a week. It'll just be wasted and more likely to cause side effects.

    250 grams of protein a day is plenty imo.

    Be patient you'll get there. Hard work, proper nutrition, rest, and test and you're guaranteed to grow muscle.
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    xray9 and Jeton, thank you both very much for your help and advice!!! I sincerely appreciate it!

    I think I might look into going with the Winstrol, instead of the Anadrol. I have been hearing so many negative things about the effects of Anadrol on one's liver. (of course over using anything is not going to be nice to it!) so I am not sure it is worth the risk.

    The info about the hcg, blood work, and cardiac issues are all things that I REALLY needed to hear, because those are areas that I know little to nothing about (and could use more info on, but I will also do some research)!

    This has all been a huge help and if anyone has any more advice, opinions, or anything else that I may need to know or am overlooking, please let me know!

    Thanks again! I look forward to listening, learning, and reading more here and getting enough of my own personal experiences so that I can make some contributions to others in the near future!
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    ur welcome dude, good luck and good health to ya!:)
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    Firefighter???? You need to be jacked for that career.