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I tried the test-e made by the brand with the purple top. It was good but it was my first cycle so it’s hard to base it on anything else. The name of the brand is hi-tech pharmaceuticals. Not much comes up in google so I thought I’d ask here. I’m afraid the potency was garbage.


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You should have taken pictures of the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals brand on the label. I call bullshit as far as it really being manufactured by Hi-Tech.

Hi-Tech is owned by Jared Wheat and he owns several other popular supplement companies (e.g. Gaspari Nutrition, Prime Nutrition, iForce Nutrition, LG Sciences, ALR Industries, etc, etc.).

Wheat doesn't need to mess around with illegally selling UGL steroids.

Having said that, he went to prison for several years in the 2000s after creating a laboratory called Planet Pharmacy that manufactured numerous anabolic steroids and several brand name drugs in Belize.

Wheat chose the Central American country because Belize did not recognize USPTO world patents granted to pharmaceutical companies. Belize did NOT require the approval of U.S. patent holders or the FDA to manufacture generic drugs. He could legally manufactured cheap generic versions of all expensive trademarked drugs like Viagra, etc.

What he could not legally do was facilitate the importation of these drugs into the U.S.

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