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    Hi guys! My name is alex and iam french ^^ iam here for exchange my experience and for look the bodybulding training /anabolic supp and dietetic in usa.

    Sorry for my bad english iam soso for speak USA ^^
  2. Welcome
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  3. 1). This isn't a dating site, we don't need to see your face.
    If you are in the US looking for "supps" i advise blurring or removing that face pic altogether.

    2). If you can post, you can read. Plenty of sources here. You just have to dig a little. Sorry, no handouts.

    3). Welcome to Meso.
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    iam not in USA ^^
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  6. But you're looking for supps from the US? The language barrier here is complicating things. :oops:

    Either way, welcome to Meso. Regardless of where you are, you shouldn't have much trouble finding everything you need here.
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    Weird..wouldn’t be Eastern Europe more convenient to you?
    Either way, welcome brother!
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    Yea like Hong Kong and India :)
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