"hide" use from doc on Trt ?

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  1. jackhammer85

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    Hi im on prescribted trt, i get blood work every 3-4 months, i think soon it could go longer, due to dose is almost there now (on trt 3 years)

    I want to do some cycle soon, havent done steroids that manner in 8 years.
    And then i took test e with etc roids

    I want to take some steroids the blast and cruise style, using my prescribted on cruise obvs.

    Ive never played with Test P but would that work so the doc cant see it in time ? and level could be back in range, or could i fuck that up easy so they could spot it ?

    I tap my own blood, to help Rbc counts

    Ty guys
  2. T-Bagger

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    If you choose to blast with long esters, cut usage back to TRT levels within 4-6 weeks of test time, 6 to be safe. If you go with Prop, cut usage 2 weeks prior to be safe.
  3. jackhammer85

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    okay ty i look into that.

    What about SHBG/Estrogen, do we know how much time they need to correct back or could they go out of wack some how ?
  4. ickyrica

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    Have you tried being honest with your doctor? Have you had any sort of conversation about running a cycle? Maybe he's realistic about the subject.
  5. Iron Frenchie

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    Keep your test at the prescribed dosage. Just add other injectable compounds and no orals. Your cholesterol will be the only thing off during a blast.
  6. brutus79

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    Depends on if you are pro safety or pro coverage. If he heard you are going to play with your dosages and decides to note it in your medical record and 10 years down the road you need a heart transplant unrelated to that- I would hate for an insurance adjuster to come across that in your chart notes.
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  7. nukklehead

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    I worry about insurance companies owning my ass too. Cant be honest with most doctors any more as most of them want to cover their asses too. Insurance companies will find any way NOT too pay a bill if they can. They have too much power in your personal life. Govt. seems to be headed that way too no matter what ideology you follow. Congrats to the lucky ones that can find a "good" Dr.
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    I just started myself as well. What’s wrong with running an oral for 4-6 weeks right after bloodwork is taken? It’ll have another 6 weeks to clear before going back for bloodwork. Do orals stay in your system longer? Or what will they find?
  9. Tinytim

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    I trt, bloods every 90 days. It was no big deal last appointment when i said i didnt get them done. He said ok, dont miss next one. They are Doctors, they weigh you and do vitals before they even glance at labwork looking for flags. Most give you 15 minutes before seeing next patient. Pay your bill, dont have recreational shit show up in ua's you will be fine. Oh,yeah. He knows.....
  10. jackhammer85

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    okay, hmm i dont quite understand your point, are you on trt and do cycles in between ?
    I also do blood aprx 90 days, i had skipped some a few or 3 weeks before just to make it fit my inject schedule.
    I would like to do steroids while having a prescribed "back up" could be good..
  11. jackhammer85

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    thanks for answering if anyone else got some experince in here that could be nice ty, good day
  12. Tinytim

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    Yes i trt and cycle in between. A winter bulk and spring cut.
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  13. MCFC

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    What exactly are you saying here lol?
  14. What dr outside an addiction dr who is prescribing controlled substances or possibly some pain management specialist is checking for recreational drugs .
  15. Tinytim

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    My test script is a controlled substance.
  16. Tinytim

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    Just saying you can stretch out tim between labwork to give yourself a bigger window of time to try and manipulate your bloodwork
  17. rester

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    either miss bloodwork if possible, or cut cycle 6-8 weeks before blood(6 for test p, 8 for test e) or best advice is be honest with ur doctor because u should do bloodwork ON your cycle anyway.
    if u feel he's a good doctor, tell him you are thinking about it, see his reaction, communicate with him, if all green then do it with him, if not then do what i said above.
  18. MikeIronTyson

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    Just run test P, that’s what I do. I skipped last blood test and ran a 10 weeker. 4 weeks later all my bloods are within range, SHGB was .2 from being within range, estrogen was below 17, dunno the number cus it cuts off below 17. Doc was pleased. Like someone else stated, they probably know anyways. My doc threw the word “cycle” during the conversation and asked if I was taking other supplements. The difference in weight and muscle mass was a no brainer. I’ve been going to this doctor for nearly 10 years now so they know I am extremely health conscience. Bout to run another 10 week cycle starting today and by the time I go back for bloods in 12 weeks I should be gravy.
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