High dose Test + Proviron + Winstrol

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    Hey lads long time lurker first timer poster, ive done a lot of research through meso plus a bunch of other forums and couldn't find any commodious concrete details about results and sides while on a high dose test cycle. I don't intend on this becoming a log but i have just started a high dose test cycle plus some other compounds. I really want to lay on some size (not necessarily lean size) and strength.

    1500mg test (organon sust)
    2x25mg proviron e/d
    50mg winstrol oral liquid e/d
    10mg aromasin oral liquid e/d
    50mg clomiphene oral liquid e/d
    I intend on doing this for a total of 12 weeks,
    I have a substantial amount of mast p on deck also and ive been considering adding that too or would that be useless with the proviron? or would it be better to go with the mast over proviron?

    also toremifine for pct and hcg will start during cycle when i drop clomid.

    I had my 3rd jab today, I know its way too soon to be seeing some great results but id love to know what people have experienced while on a high dose test cycle? with or without any other compound like I have stated.
    I just came of a 2 week DNP cycle, I lost 19lbs, over the course of the cycle i was running a cruise dose of test e at 100mg a week. After coming of dnp i put back on 4lbs im thinking from from filling back up on glycogen and water.
    thus far I have noticed an immense sense of well being, dnp lethargy is gone, Small strength gain and an amazing pumps in the gym which make me not want to leave lol , considerable visibly noticeable pumps in the mirror as well which in turn also make me feel a lot better psychologically.

    im 25, 4 cycles under my belt, highest ive gone on test was 750 e/w
    6'0 202lbs 18% bodyfat.
    diet consists of
    300g carbs e/d
    250g protein e/d
    the rest is filled in with salad and (or) steamed vegetables.

    So what do you think lads? What have you guys experienced on high test? what would i look to attain by keeping the residual compounds ontop of the test?
    fat gains don't worry me and bloat from the test neither as well.
    Thank you in advance.
  2. Test_Subject

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    Two things I notice offhand:

    1) Why are you running clomid during your cycle? There's no point, and clomid side effects suck ass.

    2) Please tell me you aren't planning on running winstrol for 12 weeks...
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  3. calmcarrot

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    Running clomid to help keep the gonads working during cycle, I've never ran this high so I'm kind of trying to pull out all the stops and not damage my natural production. Although I agree it's theoretical at best that clomid helps during cycle. I've never noticed these sides of clomid you speak of also I've ran 100mg of tren ace every day with no night sweats, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that don't get all that many sides.
    Winstrol for 12 weeks definitely not I forgot to state that I'm using it as a bit of a kick starter and also I've read that it has been shown to help alleviate test bloat.
  4. Mbell4377

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    If this is the cycle your gonna run and want to get all you can from it I'd up your food intake considerably

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  5. calmcarrot

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    Carbs mainly I assume?
    Have you run a high test cycle before? And what were your results? Thank you
  6. Big_paul

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    You don't need this.It is hard on joints. I have known more than a few guys who have had serious injuries cycling winstrol, torn pecs, torn biceps. 3 weeks contest prep is okay.
    hcg is what you want. You could use nolva if you have existing gyno.
  7. calmcarrot

    calmcarrot Junior Member

    thank you for the info, I haven't got the joint issues that alot of people talk about but then again i haven't used it long enough to see i dont believe, in that case i wont risk the possibility and just leave it out.
  8. Big_paul

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    If you are finishing a contest prep it is useful.
  9. Mbell4377

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    No, 400+gms of protein per day

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