High intensity vs high volume

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    Long story short high intentsity training is pushing one MAYBE two sets per exersice going to absolute failure (ex. Max weight 6 reps + forced) Where as high volume is (ex. 3 sets of 10) sparing energy to complete later sets without having to decrease weight or volume.

    What're your guys style? I definitely train more volume but go to failure almost every set, short breaks eventually dropping weight. About 1hr sessions. Just how I’ve always trained.
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  2. Xlgx

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    Higher frequency and lower volume. Always with high intensity.
  3. showstoppa

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    I believe in causing just enough damage to cause the muscle to repair to protect itself and then repeating as idea as possible. Frequency is the key to growth imo.
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  4. Docd187123

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    Intensity is the weight on the bar as a function of your max on that lift and volume is the amount of work done.

    To paraphrase Mike Tuchscherer, intensity determines the training effect and the volume determines how much of that effect you get.
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    Intensity on main lift. Volume on accessory lifts.

    Bench. 10 sets of 2 @ 90%
    Incline 5 sets of 5 @ 75 -80%

    Incline db 3 sets 8-10
    Flat flys same
    Close grip press. 2 sets of 15
    Skull crushers 2 sets of 12
    Rope pull 1 set of 25

    I throw in some light band stretches at end

    This was my workout today
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    I manipulate intensity and volume depending on when I’m blasting or not. While blasting, I go lower weight, higher rep and mass volume with super and tri sets. Each muscle group 2x weekly. When not blasting I lower volume and increase frequency and intensity. Each muscle group 3-4x per week, heavy weight and lower reps going to failure every set, and lower volume for each muscle group per workout. Based on protein synthesis occurring 24/7 while on and only 48 hours when off, hence the need for more frequency when off. Works well for me
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    When I add the d bol in 4 weeks before the meet I cut out volume. I go to heavy 95% singles and doubles on main and 3 2 1 waves on secondary

    After meet I deload 1 week this is absolutely necessary. I criuse for about 4 weeks at 250 test c. Per. During cruise I do conditioning and rehab work. Then I go back to 500 or 750 test c for 8 weeks and work on bulk. High vol with first exercise one of the 3 main lifts. Squat. Bench. Deadlift .On a 7 5 3 wave or pyramid then fill with 3x10 iso movements. Lot of sets lot of variations. I also add a shoulder day in this phase with ohp being main. Week 8 th 16 I add in a new compound to cycle and begin strength power phase. Volume starts high with load of accessory work and is reduced week by week but tonnage is increased. Week 16 tr 20 is all intensity with an oral Anadrol or d bol introduced. I stop all heavy lifts 10 days before meet . I do 1 heavy drop set of bench 5 days out. I mostly work on form with 75% max in singles during this time.
    Then reset
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    Wouldn't the product of intensity X volume basically be a constant for most programs. When you reduce intensity you increase volume and same around, you certainly can't increase both at same time.

    The only difference then is frequency.

    Don't know what I'm talking about really.
  9. Ohiopower

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    You are right for for most programs. There are other variables also Time Under Tension, Density and so on. The program I highlighted on is a peaking program that is effective for me .I am trying to peak out on a 1rm at meet. For body building I would play around with density first then time under tension to confuse muscles into growing before changing volume and always trying to increase intensity first. If I platued on intensity I would try to get extra reps there by increasing volume
    Its all dependant on DNA and conditions.

    Mon. Bench max intrmensity
    Tue. Squat max intensity
    Wed. Deadlift max intensity
    Trs .Off
    Fri .Bench dynamic
    Sat .Squat dynamic
    Sun .Deadlift dynamic
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  10. Docd187123

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    You can increase both at the same time when you’re trying to overreach. Just look at a typical Sheiko program