High or low estrogen on cycle?

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  1. High guys.

    I have been blasting and cruising for a while now, yet still haven't found the ideal estrogen level on "blast". When on my trt dose, I like it around 120pmol, but on blast, when my test level is 8000+, where should my estrogen be to have the best gains, without risking gyno. 200/300/500?. After experiences, and if blood tests have backed up feeling good. I currently take 25mg aromasin ED, on 1g test, and estrogen sitting at 220pmol. Feel ok
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    You need estrodial not estrogen. E1 is estrogen, E2 is Estradiol. I believe e2 is much much stronger and the cause of estrogen issues. Make sure it's e2 not e1.

    That being said Your e2 should only be 20-50
  3. Thanks. Its e2, i just used the general term. So the ratio doesn't apply when going above TRT dosages? Keep e2 in range no matter how high test goes?
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    yes always from 20-50. 200 is very high. Highest mine was was 100
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    there's no optimal T/E2 ratio, that's BS
    I'd say 30-40 E2 is optimal, regardless of T levels.
  6. I start feeling like shit when my e2 is in the 60+ range.

    I aim for 30ish.

    Just a piece of advice.
    Grab Pharma AI.
    Not to hate on the UGLs around here, but I always make sure I have backup Pharma Aromasin, it's much easier to make sure I'm accurate on my dosage/levels.
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    There is no specifiable optimal estrogen level, but with elevated Test I think, as long as there aren’t side effects, that a moderately elevated e2 level is both OK AND better for growth. Just anecdotal. Don’t slam estrogen level unless needed to control sides. Obviously don’t let it go crazy, but my estrogen is always elevated on a blast (i control it to that level) and it feels great.
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    Totally agree with this. I can get by running 800 mg of test with minimal sides. I don't retain water, bloat and I feel great other than the fact that I want to watch chick flicks. A couple of aromasin's a week cure that, but I could probably get by without it if I had to. I'm not saying its smart nor recommending it, but I'm not opposed to my estrogen being out of range on cycle. Some people can tolerate it while others can't.
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    My last test I was at 15 taking 3mg adex 15 weeks into a blast... I am Estrogen prone so I have to take more, but at 15, I feel thats too low, so Im adjusting to 2.5 mg per week for the remainder of the blast. getting your bloods done is mandatory, dont guess! this shit is a science project, and you are the guinea pig!
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    This is quite stupid to take 25mg aromasin ED on 1g of test.

    Even on 1g of test I don't take any AI.

    You need that e2 to grow massive, and If you happen to have the gene for gyno, you'll get it regardless of using an AI or not, it's only a matter of time before you do.

    Who the fuck told you to take 25mg every day on 1g of test? He is fucking clueless, and so are you for listening to his shitty advice.
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  11. Maybe I’m reading it wrong or maybe idk wtf I’m talking about. But did you just ask if your estro would be all right st 500?
    Mine is like 19-23. 500 seems insane.
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    I've had mine at 550 at one point, funny enough I like it. Mood swings and shit, aggression, rollercoaster but whatever, great gains
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    Agreed. I often see people get flamed for saying things like this.
  14. No shit. Wow. That blows my mind. I didn’t and hadn’t heard of e2 anywhere that high before.
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    They could try. Unless they’ve got a study proving otherwise very few guys that would are doing anything but regurgitating bro science.
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    100% !
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  17. I am guilty of bro science every once in awhile. However I always add a disclaimer saying that something is my opinion and I have no factual basis to back any of my claims up.
    Like today talking about pink himilayan sea salt. I was under the impression it had many viable minerals but was made aware of a study that refuted that.
    However I still stand by using it to add to my bottled water to help with my bloat on dbol.
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    I want to note that personal anecdotal evidence and bro science aren’t the same.

    Bro science, IMO, is mindlessly passing down information without the desire to check it or experiment on yourself for whether or not it’s true (and even denying tangible evidence refuting it). Anecdotes might not be science but given that this “field” of AAS isn’t heavily studied, its sometimes all we have.
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