High Progesterone low FSH

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  1. EscApe

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    Hello there

    So as title says I am experiencing problems with high progesterone 1.5ng/ml (normal lab limits was from 0.2 to 0.5)
    Also my FSH was almost absent
    Bloodwork taken a year ago twice and had the same result
    Other hormone levels were in the normal range unfortunately I don’t have the results to post anymore but the values I remember were :

    Total test : 695
    E2 : 33
    LH : 7
    FSH : 0.2
    Progesterone : 1.50

    So my question is what can I do to lower progesterone since I am experiencing libido and Ed problems and I read that high progesterone can have those effects..

    I read about Pi’s and PRM’s like RU486 but I would rather hear some advice before I put more chemicals into my body

    All this mess started at the age of 17 when I made a Deca Dbol cycle for 7 weeks

    Now I am 30 and tried some pct’s without any improvement
    Also tried a cycle of plain testosterone in the thought that this could balance things but no improvement

    Any thoughts will be appreciated
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    Could be lots of issues, have you seen a doctor? Theres no real need to disclose gear use from 12 years ago, as long as you've been off for quite some time.

    Odd that fsh is so low, while LH and total test are fine. I would get checked out to make sure there's no pituatary issues.
  3. EscApe

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    SHBG DHT prolactin were also in the normal range I just can’t remember the values
    Slightly high estrogen but again in normal range

    I atm am in use of clomid 50mg daily will try it for 45 days tapering down from day 20 and go make bloodwork to see if FSH is signaling but I don’t know what to do to lower progesterone as I think this is the issue..

    Otherwise only thing in mind is maybe a tumor...

    But again everything started after that cycle of Deca Dbol and idk if Deca could make a build up of progesterone in the body and since I was 17 that might messed up all my endo system and made progesterone dominant to testosterone..