High S-TSH levels during , after cycle

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  1. Samael

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    Hey there.
    Ive finished my pct and i've tested my TSH levels because they were elevated 4 months ago.
    here are my blood result


    I've noticed about month ago that my hair was falling out and it was thinned out quite alot.
    Could this be subclinical thyroid disease?
    Rest of the Thyroid levels seems to be ok.
    Never had that problem before, anyone got experience with this ?
    thank you
  2. The Milk Man

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    Is it 4.8+ because 4.8 is the max on the scale or is it actually 4.8? It would be a lot better if it was a specific number. 4.8 isn’t too far out of range so I personally don’t believe you’d have some type of disease at this point but a problem may be developing. I would get it check out. If it is much higher like 2x+ the normal range then I would have more concern and highly recommend going to a professional.
  3. G2Ready

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    Looks like pre hyperthyroidism to me

    With your T4 being on lower end of range
    And t3 being mid- to high range

    Keep a eye out and continue blood work—-

    Your T3 and T4 are still within range so all good in the hood — TSH is only one marker:)

    ***Me meathead not doctor

    Just out of curiosity I’d like to know if your Estradiol was checked ... always curious how estrogen plays on the thyroid & liver:)?
  4. Samael

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    Its because its above reference level so its marked plus.
    Ive visited doc today he told me that this value is normal as long as other markers are fine, which they are.
    So ill have some mor blood tests done will see
  5. The Milk Man

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    Good to hear you have no issues then. Keep us updated.