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    spaceace Junior Member

    I have high SHBG. My TT is borderline high and E2 borderline low.

    Thyroid Function
    TSH = 3.5 (0.5-3.8 mIU/L)
    FT4 = 18 (12-21 pmol/L)
    FT3 4.2 (4-6.8 pmol/L)

    prolactin 12 (4-15 ug/L)
    DHEAS 4 (0-14 umol/L)
    TT 27 (10-28 nmol/L)
    SHBG (86.7 (14.5-48.4 nmol/L)
    E2 53 (50-218 pmol/L)
    DHT - 2346 (860 - 3406 can't remember units)
    Cortisol 500 (170-540 nmol/L)

    My DHT used to above the top of the range and now, being in the middle of the range, seems to be partially contributing to my breast pain. In fact, since starting low dose (about 2mg) Andractim (DHT cream) my pain has decreased significatly. (I'm super-sensitive to meds, hence the micro doses).

    Last year when I used low dose danazol (2.5mg - 5mg per day), it made me feel better at first before it lowered my E2 and DHT too much and I caused me breast pain.

    Any idea how to increase E2 slightly so that I can take danaozl to lower my SHBG.
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    This shbg is very strange because normally it is elevated in hyper thryoid ism, but I will tell you this your rt3 are probably sky high as a result of malabsorptioin or starvation. High shbg can also be an idicator of low gh out put. Your low t4 to t3 conversion tells me you got some liver issues going on because peripheral conversion are slow. You have an underactive d1 enzyme which more of the part is due to cortisol, insulin, or excesive adrenaline. Lifes style nutritional evalations would be the next step plus get with a Good MD who knows what they are doing. My first approach would be to examine hormones with rhiens 24 hour urine and also correlate with saliva testing along with nutritonal evaluation, proper blood serum to rule out other factors. You defineitly have thyroid malfunctoining going on but more so i think some thing is stressing the shit out of you and your body is just responding to it. Have you had any stressful events or illness in your life with in 3-6 months of fist having issues?
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    JanSz Junior Member

    Look into insuline.

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    spaceace Junior Member

    I was dieting for about 6 weeks when i took these tests. However, I am under the supervision of a registered dietician, who is highly reputable and was featured on CNN. I'm eating moderate fat, protein, and low carbs.

    I am also hypothyroid and am taking 75mcg of levothyroxine sodium.

    I also have a little bit of fat in the liver.

    I take 5-10 mg of ritalin a day . I took it the day before the test and also worked out the day before.
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    spaceace Junior Member

    Spoke with my dietician and he said to rest after 5 days of not working out. Will report back after I get the results.
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    REgistered dietician haven't the faintest clue when it comes to liver pathways or down regualtion of thyroid enzymatic pathway Now since you brought up that point. You follow into the over traning syndrome. which is elevated cortisol resulting in down regulation of D1 enyzme. Thats a no brainer to tell you to stop and add ZMA. before bed . if you are over trained your sleep with suck as. Your probably over sympathetic driven and have not had time to rebalance your parasympathetic system. You take a shit load of caffine too?
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    1ronBrendan Junior Member

    Who is your dietitian?
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    spaceace Junior Member

    I've been working out for 10 weeks straight with 2 days off a week. How long should I rest for? I take 20mg of zinc divided into 3 doses (once before bed). Should I add ZMA on top of this? If so, how much? My sleep has been terrible, waking up every 2 hours or so and no more than 7 hours a night.

    However, with regard to caffein, I take 300mg of green tea extract 1 -3 times per day. I on't take in any other sources of caffein. I do take 5-10mg of ritaline 1 - 2 times per day on most days, though.

    EDIT: My workouts last about 2 hours - about 70-80 minutes doing weights and 45 minutes cardio. So maybe it's time for a weeks resr. Is that long enough before I go for another 8 weeks before bulking?
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    Low carb diets = low potassium. Top athlete I was training was suffering from same symptoms. We revamp diet adding in more electrolytes and with in one week yes was sleeping better then ever before. IT all about proper nutrient balance. Total zinc should be about 50 mgs with 3-4 mgs of copper to balance it out. Right now you are experiencing an over adrenaline, glutamate,dopamine and decreased serotonin, gaba, and acehtylcholine. Be care ful I would not eat any sushi because your immune system is compromised and prone to parasitic infections. REsting will help alittle but it should be about a good 7-10 days and work on rebalancing your neurotransmitters. I have ran across dr's that have been featured on good morning america LOL and still for some reason we still end up with their clientele. Your so called nutrtional guru falled to recongize that low carb diets causes elevated shbg and decrease in biotestosterone due to the decreaes in insulin production. It also increases cortisol levels on top of overtraning LOL HAS YOUR DIETICIAN EVER HEAR OF A REFEED TO RESTIMULKATE YOUR THYROID THAT HAS ACTUALLY SLOW DOWN due to his low carb dieting. So basically being the RN he was could have potential for causing thyroid issues as well as other endocrine problems. TRUST ME I BEEN THERE DONE THAT !!
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    spaceace Junior Member

    Thanks for your help. So you suggest to rest for 7-10 days, add electrolytes and more zinc (with a little copper). Correct?
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    with potassium intake I bet is probably about 2500 mgs if that. factor in greentea and overtrainig, cardo you are proably excerting more then that this can cause fatigue cramping , adernaline running wild as well, factor in cortisol you got a huge endocrine mess. SO TELL YOUR FAMOUS DIEITCIAN THAT LOL.. I bet you carbs are under 150 grams a day?. To get your thyroid regulated I would eat a mess load of carb (300 grams with no protein or fat. 2 cups oatmeal 2 yam and 1 large banna before going to bed and it will make you sleep like a baby increasing serotonin levels and resets your thyroid.. I refeed people on low carb diets 2 times a week.. Look at your tongue i bet it has a white coating on it showing signs of dehydration. If you are type A or B blood time this diet is not for you. If you are type O then it will work. ZMA and rebalancing brain and electrolyte is the key along with rest.
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    spaceace Junior Member

    My main carbs per day are somthing like 60 grams of oatmeal, 5.5 oz of a banana.
    My tongue does have a whitish coating but I have only been srinking 1 gallon of water per day when I should have been drinking two. Would that have made a difference?

    Also, my stool is not regular and comes out in clumps.

    How do I find out my blood type?

    What's the difference between ZMA and zinc?

    can I just add more calcium and magnesuim for electrolytes?
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    YOur famous RN should know this. It makes me crinch when I hear this from so called "nutritonal gurus"
    reason you can not shit is because of excessive adrenaline and low serotonin from low carbs causing your intestines to come to a grinding halt, plus you are not eating 3-4 servings of greens a day for proper fiber intake. trust me ZMA will help pull you out of this slump. your forgetting sodium, potassium, chloride, also are electrolytes. Are you also taking BCAAS as well plus creatine? I would suggest your Dietican to re examine the programs he puts people on because he's causes excessive stress to adrenals and thyroid as your labs are reflecting.
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    spaceace Junior Member

    Here is my diet:

    meal #1 - 4 servings meat, 2 fat, 1 fruit, 1 carb, 1 milk
    #2 - 4 meat, 2 fat, 1 fruit, 1 carb
    #3 - 5 meat, 2 fat, 1 veg, 1 carb
    #4 - 4 meat, 3 fat, 2 veg
    #5 - 5 meat, 3 fat, 3 veg

    Totals - carbs = 120g, Protein = 141g, fat = 60g
    5G of fish oil / day

    During workout 5-6 servings BCAAs during workout (Xtend). No creatine.

    Calcium - 1.2-1.8 G / day
    mag - 450 mg
    Zinc - 20mg
    C - 2-4 G
    E - 800mg
    D - 2.5 G
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    YOur over trained and under feed resulting in excessive cortisol / adrenals out put due to starvation. Have your DR check rt3 and you will find your answer. BCAAS are causing serotonin depletion because they compete withe the same transport as trytophan resulting in sleep issues. Excessive adrenaline and cortisol is depleting your nutrients also affecting your sleep patterns. Seriously I would definitrely rethink about going to this guy again. Your blood panel is affected by his diet and reflective of starvations. Shbg is elevated in starvation and low caloire diet. If I saw these results on a person blood test and I found out that this was from an RN. I would tell him to stay with clinical cases where his expereitise are warranted. When dealin with athletes its a whole other world. Guys I train start come to eating 2400 caloires at 180 which is still on the low end. With in a few weeksd they are eating upto 3600 caloires and are leaner then they were at 2400 caloires. I brought a guy into a body building show on 5,000 calories while other people are starving them selves.. YOu program the body to eat more and burn more..
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    spaceace Junior Member

    hardasnails1973, please check you PM
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    Right back at ya ..you want reference pm iron brendan..
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    spaceace Junior Member

    Well, after 6 days off and eating at maintence my SHBG was still high at 74. But it did come down a bit from 86.7 to 74 (range 14.5 - 48.4 nmol/L).

    I wonder if more time off will lower it even more or medication is in order. I have a phone consult with Shippen tomorrow but don't want to go on danazol if I don't have to, especially considering how low my E2 is.
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    spaceace Junior Member

    I want to ad that in July I stopped using low dose topcial arimidex after about 4 months.
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    Stupid compounding shit again .. It can never be titrated properly just use the pills.

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