High SHBG- what causes it?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by raw1973, Feb 2, 2008.

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    raw1973 Junior Member

    I didn't test high for SHBG, but my free test was low 54.1 (35-155) and test was 311(250-1100)
    Wondering if this hormone is binding with the test and why (there's not much there to bind with ;) . If not SHBG what else causes low free test and how to lower it. I know you can free up with Proviron, maybe nettle root, but wouldn't that be temporary? By the way, My estradiol was 50 at the time, almost double the high range of <29. :(
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    pmgamer18 Member

    That is your problem your Estradiol is to high getting this down will unbind your Free T and the levels will come up. You need E2 to be between 10 to 30 best at 20 pg/ml I don't by into Quest new lab saying <29 we test this with a sensitive test how does giving a resut of <29 tell us how low we are.
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    raw1973 Junior Member

    Well my DHT was below range but slowly rising (took propecia up until a few weeks before labs)
    I'm noticing more and more hair growing on chest so I think DHT is goin up, this should push the estrodial down and then hopefully free up the Test as you said.
    But stil wondering what cause SHBG to be high or low and how do you manipulate?
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    superone Junior Member

    High Estrogen causes SHBG to go up, as men age their Estrogen goes up aswell as their SHBG, and their Free testosterone drops.

    Estrogen is probabbly the biggest culprit.

    Lowering Estrogen can lower SHBG, aswell as DHT and Testosterone i beleive, if Estrogen is in check when adding T. Its different from person to person regarding the T.

    DHT has the highest affinity for SHBG, so this Free's up bound Testosterone.

    Your body should re-balance since you quit the Finesteride, but you can still lower SHBG if you took some aromasin with your propecia, as Aromasin lowers E aswell as SHBG.
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    armidex never lowered my shbg and it was dirven in the ground.
    My dht levels are 3 times the highest end range. only thing that lowered it was pregenolone creame 100 mgs a day and brought it back into the upper 1/3 range.

    Lowering dht will increase your free estrogens, but ita so should fre up tesotsterone as well. ..

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