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    Want to switch up my blast. Usually do test npp and mast. Want to switch it up and got some eq on hand. Was thinking about 700 test c along with just low dose of eq at 300 -400. Want to keep BP down and eq tends to make it go up along with rbc. So that's why the low dose and will plan on donating to alongside as well.

    What you guys think?
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    I love EQ at 700 in the summer. Never been as low as 300 but it's better than 0 I suppose. EQ never jacked with my BP even at 16 weeks.
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    It's hard to make suggestions when I don't know what your goals are...

    With what your proposing, I would expect you want some mild gains with a moderate boost in performance? I would personally never run EQ so low unless you have experience with using it at around that dose. Even EQ at 600mg tends to be pretty mild and takes a while to see some return on the investment... Even then, it is mostly performance based when you see some results from it.

    I think adding npp would compliment the EQ and test a lot better. 400ea of npp/EQ with your 700 test would be better, imo.
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    Don’t know what are you trying to get accomplished,or what your “history” is, but 3-400mg EQ/Week is low dose. Even 600mg/W is on the low side, unless you are planning to run it for a while.
    What is your idea behind Test.Cyp @700mg/W?
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    Go for it, EQ works at that dose if you put in the work.