High Testosterone and Low Libido

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by dsteg923, Dec 15, 2012.

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    dsteg923 Junior Member

    I've been suffering from low libido, lack of energy, mild depression and overall less quality of life for about the past 6 months. Literally, the boys just stopped working and my mood, confidence, etc. just went down the drain. Not to mention I just feel like less of a man.

    I was almost sure that this could have been contributed to low testosterone, so I got some bloodwork done and the results came back as being 987ng/dl, which are completely normal for my age.

    When I asked my doctor for my free testosterone and estrogen levels as well, he responded my stating "If there was any problem with your free testosterone or estrogen then it would have shown up in the lab results." In other words, he told me that these two hormones were fine and that I had nothing to worry about, even though I didn't get the actual numbers back.

    What should I do? I'm a bit skeptical about my free testosterone and estrogen levels, since I didn't get the actual numbers back and the 'normal' ranges for these hormones are often not normal at all. Should I get my exact free testosterone and estrogen levels checked again with the numbers and everything?

    Could it possibly be another hormone? What about SHBG? LH or FSH?

    Keep in mind, I HAVE NO LIBIDO WHATSOEVER. It's very frustrating and it's affecting my sex life, relationships with people and overall quality of life. I just want to be happy again.

    Thanks. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    pepous Member

    What is your estradiol level?
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    idmd Member

    Dat be an incomplete work up IMHO.
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    dsteg923 Junior Member

    I'm not sure. It's really frustrating because the only numbers I actually got back was the total testosterone level, even though I asked for a full panel of bloodwork done.

    Like I said, the doctor told me that if there was anything wrong with any other hormone, it would have shown up on the blood results and he would have been notified by the lab company.
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    vooch86 Junior Member

    Your TT numbers are outstanding, are you on HRT or is that natural? Defnitely not low testosterone but there could be other factors. I doubt your free test is low with TT that high. Sounds like you need a new doctor as there could be other factors affecting your libido, get your estradiol checked, your work up is too incomplete to determine anything. Also you LH and FSH are likely in range based on your TT.
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    Donzi Member

    Safe to say u r young.
    With ur T up there Id bet LH FSH is ok. Id run a AI.
    nolvadex or Provirion. Both cheap and ez. If after a wk u still have issues post full labs. If ur e2. Estrogen is high all the Test in the World is useless
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    toolman Member

    Are you on any medications like antidepressants or beta blockers or anything else?
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    TheOldFart Member

    If he is saying that the lab would only send him the results if there was a problem then he is full of BS and lying to you. Any time I have had any test, from Quest, LabCorp or the local hospital lab, the lab sends all results to the doctor. He then sends all results to me. It is federal law that a doctor give you the results of your tests if you request them. Make sure that you always get all the results and lab ranges of all tests. If the doctor will not give them to you then either turn him in to whatever state agency is applicable or find another doctor, of preferably both.

    I doubt that your free T is a problem with that total T level, but I would want to know what the E2 level is. Some say that E2 is not important, but I totally disagree. I use Testim for TRT and got my TT level over 1200 ng/dl twice in a row. I didn't feel that well, but my E2 was over the top of the lab range. When I lowered the dose and got my TT down to 600-800 I felt much better. At that TT level, my E2 was 25 to 30 pg/ml, so I believe that E2 is important. You need to get all of your test results and lab ranges for each test.
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    dsteg923 Junior Member

    Thanks for all of the replys guys. I'm not on any TRT nor have I ever been, I guess I just have high TT :D

    As far as medicines/supplements go, nothing except for a multivitamin every morning.

    I will definitely call my doctor back and tell him that I want all of the bloodwork regardless of what he has to say. Including estrogen.
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    4weekdbolcyclingdickshit Junior Member

    Get that test done. LH

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