High tren low test. Dosage help?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Luigikilla, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Luigikilla

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    Age:29 Height: 6'1" Weight: 200 BF: 18%

    tren E- 600mg's weekly. 2 doses/300mg's each.
    Test E- 125mg's weekly. 1 dose/125mg's
    Mast E- 800mg's weekly. 2 doses/400mg's each
    Dbol- 50mg's daily. 2 doses/ 25mg's each
    Winstrol- 50mg's daily. 2 doses/ 25mg's each
    Caber- .5 mg's weekly. 2 doses/.25mg's each
    Anastrozole- 1mg weekly. 2 doses/.5mg's each

    Novadex- 50/50/25/25
    clomid- 100/50/50/50

    This is a 10 week cycle. Tren E used weeks 1-9. Test E weeks 1-10. Mast E weeks 1-10. Dbol weeks 1-4. Winstrol weeks 8-12. Caber weeks 3-10
    Anastrozole weeks 1-12. PCT taken 2 weeks after last injection.

    So my questions here are... dosages look normal? Weeks taken look normal? Will I even need adex with such a low test e dose? Do I need nova for pct? (Heard rumors saying no nova after high tren low test cycle). What dosage and what weeks for HCG? Never needed it, clomid alone always bounced my balls back to health, but they were much simpler cycles and I wanna use it for this one. This will be my 2nd tren cycle. Had to stop my last tren cycle on the 7th week, didn't have caber on hand and had hard lump under nipple. Stopped taking tren n kept up the rest of cycle with test n it went away. Any advice for this cycle is appreciated.
  2. ironwill1951

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    I don't want to be cruel but at 6 ft 1 inch and 200 lbs with 18% bodyfat you need to learn how to eat and lift not take over 2 grams of gear a week,
    way overdosed and way to complicated.
  3. Mac11wildcat

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    You’ve got plenty of natural potential IMO.

    If you insist, I don’t think you need to be screwing with 600+ of tren. Also, that test is too low. You still want a bump. 350ish is my go to when I go high on

    Also, WAY too short for long ester compounds.
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  4. Luigikilla

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    Honestly at 6'1" 200lbs people already think I'm swole af and I already eat probably 4000 calories a day. I'll bump it up to 6000 for this cycle. Tried to upload a profile pic, but it sends an error everytime I try. And sorry I forgot to tell you my goals for this cycle. I want just enough test to not shut me down. I'm guessing ya'll haven't heard of the high tren low test cycles... you get way less sides with low test.
  5. Luigikilla

    Luigikilla Junior Member

    I'm trying to take just enough test so that the tren doesn't shut me down. And way to short for long eaters? I've always seen 10-12 weeks is the sweet spot... any longer and it's just a harder recovery and more issues, but I'm not the expert here
  6. Mac11wildcat

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    Most of the guys here have been on for decades. I weigh 10lbs more than you a full 6” shorter than you with 10% less body fat. Plenty of experience and knowledge here. We’ve heard of low T high Tren cycles. What I’m saying is I think 125 is too low.

    What you’ve heard so far is that’s a lot
    of tren for your current spot on your journey. The test is too low. And the duration is too short. If you insist on thsi, then at least run Tren Ace and make it 8 weeks. If you’re not coming off a cruise than use test prop. 9 weeks is shit for enanthate esters.
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  7. Luigikilla

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  8. Mac11wildcat

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    @tengtren heres my first non-levelheaded post lol
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  9. Luigikilla

    Luigikilla Junior Member

    Ah, I see. Well how long do you think I should run these esters for? And I guess I'll up the tren to 25mg's. I only want just enough test. I want the tren to be dominant in this cycle and maybe I'll simplify by taking out the dbol and winstrol
  10. Luigikilla

    Luigikilla Junior Member

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  11. tengtren

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    Whew boy, @Luigikilla how long have you been lifting and what's your gear history
  12. Xragexx

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    As mentioned above, way too complicated and test is way too low. You’ve been given solid advice from two great members @ironwill1951 has been doing this longer than I’ve been alive and @Mac11wildcat, well, just go check him out in meso’s Most shredded sticky.

    I wouldn’t bump the tren 250mgs either bro that’s way too much
  13. Luigikilla

    Luigikilla Junior Member

    Been lifting since I was 21. On and off, just started getting back into it. Taken 6 very basic cycles. Mostly test e with oral like whinny, dbol, Anavar.. wanted to bump it up this time.
  14. Luigikilla

    Luigikilla Junior Member

    Typo, I meant the test e at 250. So tren at 600mgs and test e at 250mgs n then I'll drop the dbol and whinny to simplify it
  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Have you run tren before?
  16. Luigikilla

    Luigikilla Junior Member

    Yes, once. I had to drop it on week 7 though cause I didn't have caber and I started seeing prog sides
  17. lightspan

    lightspan Member

    not to beat a dead horse but...lord have mercy, son, that's a bit complicated and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. a couple questions:

    what's your goal with this cycle?

    this mix of compounds only makes sense if your goal is to take a bunch of compounds and try to deconvolve which compound is giving you crazy sides.

    how many cycles have you run?

    this cycle plan suggest not many.

    ever run tren before?

    tren e hangs around for a while, and if you get, ahem, undesirable sides (cue evil chuckling) you're stuck on the ride for a while.

    not being contentious, just want to make sure you have a firm grasp on what you're doing.
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  18. Xragexx

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    Switch to tren ace, and be careful with caber.
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  19. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Did you know for sure it was progesterone sides? prolactin high on a blood test? The recommended use of caber is all over the place but you’re treating side effects from drugs with more drugs (that also have sides).
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  20. Luigikilla

    Luigikilla Junior Member

    My goal was to bulk up hence dbol at the beginning and then only to use the winstrol at the end to get rid of any excess water. Tren and mast go hand n hand and eases up on sides so I wanted to use that pair. I only want to take just enough test to not let the tren shut me down.