High TSH and High Free T3

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by 4-chloro, Sep 24, 2011.

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    4-chloro Junior Member

    I'm a bit puzzled by this as well as a few Dr's who have seen my blood work. But my Thyroid hormone levels randomly became elevated.
    I got my thyroid done on an arbitrary panel 2-3 months before I got it retested again. In the first test TSH and Free t3 etc were all normal, but on the higher end of the range, which is fine and didn't raise any flags.
    From what seems randomly, 3 months or so later my TSH my bloodwork was this:

    (As taken at 6am on an empty stomach)

    TSH: 4.5 (.5-4.3mIU/L)
    Free T3: 1.5 (.9-1.4ng/dl)

    I hadn't been on any new medications or anything. I don't have too many symptoms of hyperthyroidism, but I do have a very fast resting HR (at least for me) at ~80-95 bpm, a bit of trouble sleeping, cardio is difficult, body just feels stimulated even when I'm really tired, the most noticeable is absolutely profuse sweating during exercise. It just pours off it's gross. Otherwise, I haven't really lost any weight maybe 2-4lb's (haven't gained any either) but as soon as I noticed the loss I just added some cheat foods to my diet and everything went back to normal. I've also noticed that i've been pretty shredded despite not trying to lose fat. I haven't really been losing strength either. Blood pressure is fine at around ~125/85.

    I'm not sure if it's risen since I last got it tested, but I'm getting results on a full panel on Thursday.

    High TSH usually indicates hypothyroidism, but my Free T4 is not low. Granted I didn't get all the other tests, such as Total T3, T4 and free T3 but that is on Thursday.

    High T4 and low TSH would indicate Hyperthyroidism, but I don't have low TSH either.

    I did a little bit of googling on the subject but didn't find much out, but I didn't go in depth. I'm not terribly worried about it, but it would be nice to at least figure it out. The endo I saw on Wednesday said he had never seen it before and he's been practicing for 55 years.

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    Flav Junior Member

    TSH can fluctuate a decent amount.
    Ive gone from 4 to under 2 in a matter of a couple of days (heck, it may have happened in a matter of hours).

    I cant explain why, but from my understanding, it is the t3 and T4 we are concerned about, and not so much the TSH.

    Did you get any autoimmune testing?
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    4-chloro Junior Member

    Not yet. I'll get more info on Thursday.

    I'm mainly just curious about it. But I would also like to know if it poses any health concerns.

    TSH is probably pulsatile lending to the difference in levels. My expertise does not lie in the thyroid.
    The symptoms I have felt have however been consistent. Especially the sweating, It's like a bath when I lift and it certainly wasn't before.
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    Well since your free T3 is elevated compared to bound, it can be for a few reasons. Either you have elevated testosterone levels, just depends of which type, or either your Testosterone levels are normal and you have almost no estrogen production. Estrogen is important in regulating hormone binding proteins and when the levels of estrogen are low, you get an increase in free hormone levels.
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    4-chloro Junior Member

    My testosterone was low at the time, but estradiol was not checked.

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