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  1. HilmaBiocare

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    HGH powder back in stock. Hurry to grab yourself some.

    Reminding you that we offer domestic UK shipping. So feel free to contact us.

    Updating the list of out of stock products.

    Completely out of stock:
    Drost E
    Stano inj
    HGH liquid
    Test e

    Max 10 per order:
    Test c
    tren E

    Our Contacts:
    Email: hilmabc@protonmail.com
    Wickr: hilmabc
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  2. Neófito

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  3. HilmaBiocare

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    Everything should be fully stocked within a month+. Most of the gaps should be filled within next couple of weeks.
    It’s really hard to predict now,due to covid logistics is pretty messed up.
  4. roids_and_chickens

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    hi just wanted to say that I'm pretty surprised with TNT. My package was supposed to arrive 1st of june and it arrived just now lol , they are very fast.
  5. SubAlitt

    SubAlitt Junior Member

    23 days passed and still didnt received the order.

    It didnt even change on the tracker.

  6. roids_and_chickens

    roids_and_chickens Junior Member

    was it through private courier?
  7. SubAlitt

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    No idea really, hilma told me price and that was it.

    What i know is that I paid 20 EUR for shipping besides the order
  8. HilmaBiocare

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    It was standard post shipping. Price for courier was pretty unreasonable,so we haven’t offered it.
    Some mail is getting stuck unfortunately. It should move eventually. Contact us next week if there will be no movements.
  9. SubAlitt

    SubAlitt Junior Member

    Ok will do so :))
  10. lucasan

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    [QUOTE = "HilmaBiocare, почта: 2624980, участник: 103427"] Это была стандартная почтовая доставка. Цена за курьера была довольно необоснованной, поэтому мы ее не предлагали.
    К сожалению, какая-то почта застревает. Это должно двигаться в конце концов. Свяжитесь с нами на следующей неделе, если не будет никаких движений. [/ QUOTE]
    man, so you explain to people before getting their money .. you give such an answer, because I don’t really want to place an order with you!
  11. HilmaBiocare

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    you always have an option to pay for private couriers and get your pack within a week after dispatch.
  12. Waduhek

    Waduhek Member

    Bloods after 1 month of cruise on 200mg test with 0.5mg adex 3x week

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  13. wildfuchs

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    Since we're posting bloods, here's 1g of Hilma's Test E (Ref range is 3-11; that 7x multiplier is due to great genetic response but legit gear as well) & 600mg Primobolan & 12.5mg aromasin e2d (Oestradiol = Estrogen):
  14. AivanHG

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    Okey, today arrived everything i asked. One week only.

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  15. genko12

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    what are you using to boost your igf-1 that high? HGH?
  16. wildfuchs

    wildfuchs Member

    5iu mornings & 5iu pre-workout, yea
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  17. Juris93

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    150mg week of t ena , injected 75 on sunday morning and 75 on wednesday evening . no ai for 1 month to check my e2 conversion at this dosage.
    blood taken on wedsnesday morning .
    now i dropped to 120mg week and no ai for an healthier trt , because this is my lowest value , so it should be close or higher of the max range right after the injection .
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  18. Bling82

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    This is just my personal preference, but i would lower the test dose and lower the adex dose... your test is “to high” accordingly to whats normal cruise, and your oestrogen is to low. But again, everybody is different. If you feel fine on this, stick with it :)
  19. Waduhek

    Waduhek Member

    No no I 100% agree, I decided to stay on 200mg because I was doing a cut so I didn't want to risk it with a lower dose. I think I will try around 150mg with 0.5mg 2 times a week
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  20. Bling82

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    This is just me, but i like, on my cruise (trt) to be around 35nmol in test (i know thats in the high range, but im around 220lbs and a body% at around 7), and around 120-150pg/ml in oestrogen.