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  1. areyesg01

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    It's the same for me. Made an order on May 12th, last status update was May 15th "leaving exchange office, in route to its destination". No news from the package in the last two weeks. Hopefully it will come next one. Probably it's just logistics.
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  2. mvp

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    Guys contact separately for shipping issues. Just had a shipment stuck in some eastern EU Country for like a month I asked Hilma for a solution and I got sent the same order from another Country. Came within a week. And who knows, Maybe one day I will get that lost shipment randomly lol.
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  3. SubAlitt

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    I did, Hilma said they are going ro reship from another country but they dont have stock so I ll have to wait.

    Hope this time it gets through
  4. Crystal Clear

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    I think international shipping is delayed now during pandemic but packs should arrive
  5. NoDegains

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    Has hilma been tested for biological contamination since March 2019; there doesn't appear to be anthing on anabolic labs.
  6. Neófito

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    Do you know about the stock?
  7. HilmaBiocare

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    don’t forget to pay for it in that case. I give you half-price for reship if you get the initial one :cool::D
  8. HilmaBiocare

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    turinabol and Proviron coming back in stock next week. So we can accept pre orders.

    Test E should be back next week in the middle.

    Current list of out of stock products:

    Drost E
    Test e

    10x max

    Test c

    Our Contacts

    Email: hilmabc@protonmail.com
    Wickr: hilmabc



    We promise to bring you something special within next couple of days. Hopefully we will manage to do it in meso-tradition this Friday. :)
    Stay tuned for some promos and gifts.

    EUR/GBP/USD prices below
    price-list_EUR - Copy.jpg price-list_GBP - Copy.jpg price-list_USD - Copy.jpg
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  9. SubAlitt

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    Well, Hilma reshiped and two days after I see movement on the new tracking. Will let you know when it arrives!!
  10. ggt28319s

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  11. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Hi Guys.

    We were working hard last couple of weeks to introduce you the new way to operate with us.

    And since its Friday - its the best day to roll out what we have.

    I'm proud to announce first Official Hilma Biocare Telegram Bot.

    Security is always a priority.Telegram has proven itself as a reliable and anonymous messenger so we are glad to use features that it provides.

    Now you have opportunity to make orders automatically from one of the top notch brands in EU using your phone or PC right through messenger.

    What is implemented in our bot?

    *Last order history.
    *Balance Top-up
    *Payments from Balance
    *Tracking notifications
    *Exclusive promo codes with limited or unlimited usage amount
    *Stock Updates
    *User notification with most important news and updates
    *Emojis :eek::rolleyes::D

    Also please welcome our telegram support @HilmaBiocareSupport . We will be happy to assist you in case you have any questions or problems during order process. In case you dont want to use automatic shopping function - you can always contact human to assist you or take your order.


    Bot Link


    Bot is designed to be user friendly and should be really simple to use without any instructions.
    If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact support HilmaBiocareSupport in Telegram.
    If you are not familiar with telegram and you feel like you lost the menu(the only tricky part in my personal opinion) - look for this button.

    Welcome Promo
    FIRST 10 Users to enter the bot will receive 10€ on their balance.
    SECOND 20 Users to enter the bot will receive 5€ on their balance

    No need to do anything. Within 24 hours we will update your balance and will send notification to all users to update their personal area.

    Note! Balance top up available only with bitcoin.Soon we will give possibility to get store credit for bank transfers.

    Shipping price

    Standard post
    0-100 eur order=20 eur ship


    Our Contact Details
    Email: hilmabc@protonmail.com
    Wickr: hilmabc
    Telegram: HilmaBiocareSupport

    Tell us if you find any bugs or problems using our bot, it will greatly help us improve the quality of the service and may be rewarded.

    Some news: Temporarily we cant ship to USA, we will do our best to find a solution asap. Sorry for inconvenience caused. Bot info and faq section will be updated shortly.

    Manual processing BTC wallet change -> 3QTZ......dt9D

    Regards, Hilma Biocare.
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  12. HilmaBiocare

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    Low demand. BTC is more common. We can accept ETH as an exception. Message us.
  13. Ferenor

    Ferenor Junior Member

    This is a nice add to your service.
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  14. roids_and_chickens

    roids_and_chickens Junior Member

    any chance to get oil based winstrol?
  15. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Also waiting for it. Hopefully will be back very soon. No eta at the moment

    Edit: ah you mean new product. Oil based winstrol, not aqua based. Sorry.
    Not sure at the moment,wasn’t in our nearest plans..
  16. roids_and_chickens

    roids_and_chickens Junior Member

    ok, I'm interested in water based as well, hope you re-stock soon
  17. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Hopefully soon. I’ll put you in notification list if you want. Send me your email or join our bot. We will post updates there ,you will get notifications.
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  18. htxboy713

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    After 4 weeks I got an update on my order from USPS! Don't lose hope boys.
  19. SubAlitt

    SubAlitt Junior Member

    I just received my order after waiting like 5 weeks, ordinary post
  20. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Guys clomid is back in stock. Test E back in unlimited quantities.CutStack is also back

    current list of Out Of Stock products:

    Drost e
    tren e
    Stano inj


    Don’t forget to use our new Telegram shop to get the latest Stock updates,check prices and to make orders online through one of the most secure messengers.

    Our Contacts
    Telegram: HilmaBiocareSupport
    Email: hilmabc@protonmail.com
    Wickr: hilmabc