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  1. Are you suggesting that this isn't the real Hilma here at Meso?
    That would be fucking mind blowing if true.

    Edit: Guess we'll find out. i e-mailed them and asked them point blank to look at this thread.
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  2. Juris93

    Juris93 Junior Member

    bloodwork done on day 22 of 550mg test ena a week and 60mg daily tbol

    i got good result , + 5kg in 4 weeks , more pump , more strenght , almost same bf%
    i was expecting more as it's my first oral , but i picked tbol and it's a mild oral.
    ast and alt did not changed , i am using 450mg udca from pharma , 1.2gr nac , 1.2gr sylmarin and 2 caps liv 52
    hematocrit raised from 46 to 49
  3. Omegistosalex

    Omegistosalex Member

    I used the test e only from them, it works , i also wanted to order more stuff but now the thread took an interesting turn. Let's see what the rep has to say
  4. 5millionbucks

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    overall imo the test e is good to go; from every1 here including me. @Juris93 I'm suprised at 60mg tbol daily ur level values didnt change. With me at 40mg 6 weeks with bloodwork it was elevated; my doc was a lil concerned but nothing too crazy. Cause it went back to normal after a month being off it.
  5. HilmaBiocare

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    When we claimed that we are from Germany? We have German bank accounts for receiving payments,this doesn’t mean that we are from Germany.
    So you asked some resellers if we are legit ? Nice move. Try out info@hilmabiocare.com next time and mention the meso thread
  6. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    We checked the email. Haven’t seen yours. Where are you writing ? Info@hilmabiocare.com ?

    Edit: @john11 where did you contact us and who told you that they don’t recognise us ? We can’t locate your email.
  7. Sent it through the contact us form on the website.
  8. john11

    john11 Member

    Okay, supply your details so you can be checked out.
    I gave hilma all of your details and they do not know who you are, bank account, name etc

    Also, why is your Anadrol rubbish. I purchased it along with other guys and we are all very disappointed.
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  9. HilmaBiocare

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    Don’t know where you gave all the details. We can’t locate your emails. info@hilmabiocare.com official company email. If you communicate outside of it - I’m really not sure with who you are speaking.
    Before calling any of our products rubbish please supply evidence of that. We published test results from labs from our side.
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  10. randomguy87

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    Gearwolf speaks the truth, and apparently the truth fucking hurts you. Sounds like you need to work on getting your E2 in line bro.

    Btw nice picture you posted below this, you have the torso and legs of a woman. Keep up the hard work!
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  11. Den84

    Den84 Member

    Over 120 nmol means over 37,7 ng ml, awesome result for 550 mg week of test. What batch are you using ? Old batch exp date 01/2020 or new batch exp date 02/2022 ? are you also using some AI ? Or your E2 are in range without AI? (you are lucky in this case)

    Regarding your transaminases, you are using a conspicuous dose of liver protection, surely the product that works best to avoid transaminase elevation is UDCA. my usual hepatic protection is: 300 mg day udca, 1200 mg day nac, 2 tabs day liv 52 ds, 1000 mg day vit C. With these quantities I can maintain transaminases in the ranges, if I don't exceed the 30 mg day of alkylates.

    Thanks for sharing
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  12. 5millionbucks

    5millionbucks Member

    Lol u know thats a pic of me natty(Sept 2016) getting into fighting shape at a 150lbs standing 5'6 lmao. U cant even see my legs cause I got shorts which ur making shit up. And thanks my torso was that of a women, I like to have my waist at 27-28inch, makes a v taper look nice wish I could maintain that small waist now. Wheres ur pics u fucking punk, I bet I look better than u natty with all that fucking gear u run u fucking chump.
  13. john11

    john11 Member

    Your lab tests are very old and need to be updated, as has been mentioned before.
    I entered this conversation because i noticed people complaining about your goods and i am disapppointed as well.
    Always hungry reports: I would defenitaly not trust this source
    5millionbucks reports: I'm not trusting this source
    I said: I ordered test cypionate, sustanon and Anadrol and the stuff was weak. The Anadrol was the worst.

    That is three people on one single page complaining about the quality of your goods. As a legitmate businessman, this should be of concern to you.
    I guess it is not your fault, I mean, you do not work at hilma biocare, you do not see what they are putting into their tablets, you have no idea what you are selling.
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  14. cadafi

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    I do not understand this logic, you have sources which can’t even prove they are legit and you roast them to a point in which the source just end up leaving and now there are multiple reports that say orals are not legit and some users stand up for the source, lol what, simple as have every single batch tested
  15. gearwolf

    gearwolf Member

    you have to keep the quality of reports in mind. a flock of dyel teens that haven't stepped into a gym ever complaining about this and that being "defenitaly" (goddamn) underdosed doesn't exactly justify the financial investment of such elaborate testing. that changes once respectable bloodwork/proof comes up of course.
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  16. Den84

    Den84 Member

    Always hungry is the same member that wrote in ARL thread that He will continue to buy ARL products, because in his opinion is a top brand, despite ARL failed 2 lab test on 2 (primo inj: 75 mg instead 100, and primo tabs without methenolone acetate inside). Honestly I consider,his feedback, pure shit, like his beloved ARL, c'amon, only an idiot or a shill can continue to praise a brand that has failed 2 lab tests on 2.

    Furthermore the lab test on their dbol are not old , because lab4tox received the dbol sample in the date 06 December 2018, so only 6 months ago, and the results was 10,6 mg tab, as I already wrote I used the same batch tested by lab4tox and it worked only with 30 mg day. No complaints.

    And then you also wrote that test c and sust are not good, but there are dozens of blood work that confirm that their testosterone line is excellent, because all the bloodwork come back with very high values of total test. I’m using now test c (400 mg week) 14 day from the first inj, if it was bad as you said, I had to be without libido and I would have lost my gains. Instead I have a great libido, morning erections, and I’m continuing to to improve my body.

    at the moment the truth is only One: there are no laboratory tests that hilma failed, on the contrary there are many laboratory tests that show that hilma is correctly dosed.

    do you believe that if a brand works badly, sooner or later the truth doesn't come out? we have on meso not bop , ukmuscle or others garbage forum , if this brand will produce shit, sooner or later, they will fail a lab test, and will be posted on this forum, will happen same thing that happened to ARL.

    However i’m planning to send to lab testing some molecules of new batchs (02/2022) . soon I will have a report of one molecule of new batch (I hope today or tomorrow). like all ugl, we need to check their constancy over time.

    I hope that I will not be the only one that will send samples to testing, because I haven’t money for testing the whole line, and every test I do, I do it in collaboration with friends from my gym, so I can save a bit of money. all of you can also do so...

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  17. AlwaysHungry

    AlwaysHungry Member

    I do not act as a shill. I told that I continue to buy arl cause ime expirience the products DOES WORK. I haven't tried their primo actually. I would say the same and continue to buy from hilma if their products work on me even if the test failed. Example PS I had a bad expirience with his test e painful etc. Byt guess I still continue to use him because product works. I dont have any financial interest from any source here. I just give my honest feedback from products I've used from various sources here.

    On the other hand you seem to be a shill for hilma. If you dont believe me read all this thread again and you'll understand.
  18. Juris93

    Juris93 Junior Member

    i got whole order with exp 01/2020 , tbol , proviron , clomid , nolva , test e... bac water 07/2020 if i remember well
    and i am using 0.5mg adex from another ugl eod
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  19. Den84

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    LOL you saw the report of the ARL primobolan dosed at 75 mg ml and you bought it anyway .... this shows that you are not smart,in fact all the members said you are a retarded. your experiences count for nothing if the analysis shows that a brand is shit. do you know why arl put oxa instead of primobolan oral? because it costs less and is more powerful, so those who use it will say "oh my god primobolan tabs arl is the best on the market, the most powerful" but you're not using primobolan. they could do this trick, even with other molecules, you can't know because you haven't analyzed anything. however you continue to use arl, it's not a problem for me, as one member said, this is an example of natural selection. meanwhile arl has completely abandoned its thread, another demonstration, that they are aware of producing shit, and are also aware that their scam on meso has been discovered. so they disappeared. but they can count on people like you, to continue to sell shit, on other forums.

    Regarding me , if you check my post history you can see that from 2016 i leaved reviews on others 2/3 brand (I leave reviews only on what I use and I analyzed, I don't like to leave reviews on what I haven't tried) , do you remember when I used primus , I always wrote well about them at the beginning I always said that their products were excellent, and in fact this was at the beginning with 3 ml cartridges, but the last cycle prl (1 ml amps line) went completely empty and I wrote that primus had deteriorated, then the lab test on anabolic lab showed that some molecules were underdosed. afterwards I tried sqs and in the beginning everything was fine, and I spoke well of them, then some molecules started to give atrocious pip, so I tested their tbol from analyzer and it come back as stanozolol 11 mg tab, after this bad results I abandoned definitely sqs. Then I came to hilma and Balkan, and for now I have not had disappointments, I have been satisfied with the results on my body, inexistent pip, and then the laboratory tests showed that it is correctly dosed both .

    why should I speak ill of hilma, if I have no negative reason against them?
    I'm not an idiot like you, if hilma will start to producing shit, I'll be ready to write it, if hilma fails a test I'll be here to share it. certainly I would not buy more hilma if their primobolan was dosed at 75 instead of 100. LOL

    Received few hours ago a lab report on hilma test E new batch exp 02/2022 and like old batch is dosed correctly.

    why don't you analyze what you use, so you can provide concrete evidence to support what you say? it is certainly easier to talk without analyzing and disgracing a brand, without having the evidence. But this is not the right way to manage in this world full of scammers. if one day you become smarter, perhaps you will understand what I say.