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  1. Because this post...

    ...Got me wondering, what if this is some reseller posing as the the manufacturer? i decided to do some fact checking. If my suspicion is wrong, no harm, no foul, i'll apologize for the insinuation. Never hurts to know exactly who you're dealing with.

    But, this rep claims they never received my email, despite the fact that i got a confirmation email saying otherwise.

    For any needed clarification, i sent the email through their website and not to the Proton mail address that this rep listed in his intro post.
  2. gearwolf

    gearwolf Member

    Sorry in advance for this rambling rant!

    While mysterious, as long as no other reports of similar incidents show up, I'd just consider it a fluke - even with a incident rate of <1%, big vendors like Hilma probably get a thousand mails a week (and I'd bet half are full of useless questions that searching this thread would have answered already, perhaps 1% actual orders).

    As an oldtimer, it's insane how much the quality, price and convenience of buying gear has risen over the last decade. More patience and understanding vendors/reps are just working a normal job with normal hours and have better customer support than goddamn Amazon usually will go a long way. Many vendors quit because the continued stress of dealing with bloody ignorant entitled DYEL's would lead to a heart attack as quickly as working on wall street, so let's not dig our own graves and start leaking tren on the keyboard or behaving like a screeching soccer mum at walmart every single time.
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  3. Yes, let's just leave poor Hilma alone. The rep must be so stressed, showing up 3x a week to answer questions. Man, his life sucks. Probably killed himself, that's why he ain't around.

    Doubt was cast on his legitimacy, i want to know for certain.
    If you're cool with whatever they tell you, order till you're blue in the face, i don't give a shit.
  4. gearwolf

    gearwolf Member

    Fair point - though personally Hilma answers all of my dumb questions and has gone above and beyond to fix problems whenever they've come up.
    If you've ever been in the position of a vendor, wanting to murder half your customers (well, not that they're buying) is a common feeling :p could write a book just about retarded questions I've gotten.
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  5. antanisblindo

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    Ho fatto il primo ordine con hilma e ho ricevuto i prodotti circa 10 giorni dopo. c'è stato un errore, perché un prodotto è stato scambiato, contattare il venditore prontamente risposto e invierò il prodotto corretto di nuovo senza alcuna spesa aggiuntiva.
  6. cadafi

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    Perhaps all the underdosed claims maybe, i won’t touch this brand again, and on top of that, rep says nothing
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    LOL this fucking thread omg people still defending this dude. I'll admit his customer service is on point; but back in the day if my connect had amazing customer service but kept serving half his customers fucked up cut in his batch. Me and my friends would of been running into his house with the magnum(no I don't advocate violence I try to be a peaceful person these days.) He might be busy on promuscle; saw his banner up there now. Hilma is all over the place as is.
  8. gearwolf

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    just got some bloods back, on 100mg/week of the test e I got a total test of 639 (ref range is 300-1000 here in Germany). No blood markers to judge the primo by and I hate morons that judge gear by feeling so I won't use that.

    oh and I can't believe the DYEL baby above me is still posting here, probably posting from the gym instead of lifting judging by his twink physique.
  9. Waduhek

    Waduhek Member

    Personally I dont defend anyone, hilma is not my friend. But test is good, thats a fact. Idk about other injectables because I didnt try them.
    I think there are problems with orals tho. And its pretty annoying that hilma didnt answer about this, you should take in consideration our feedbacks and it seems like you dont give a fuck tbh
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  10. Klimmzugernie

    Klimmzugernie Member

    Inhibition of LH and FSH shown in your bloods?
  11. gearwolf

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    I didn't get those (nor free test), SHBG sitting at a low 5.6 & e2 at 22.3, right in middle of reference range.
  12. Klimmzugernie

    Klimmzugernie Member

    Ok, these Parameters would indicate that your gear is real. A total test level of 6xx ng/ml could benalso achived by your balls if these guys are working properly
  13. gearwolf

    gearwolf Member

    yea, or by hcg alone etc. - my natty test was half that at ~300ng/dl so while I might try to get it to 800-900, this is just fine for a cruise/hrt
  14. 5millionbucks

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    sucks I have natty low test 400ng/dl; but there is no hope for u running all that gear. Come off the gear for 3-4 months no hrt nothing; and lets compare and pose from pics and see who looks better. Matter fact lets do a meso comp(escrow 3 grand) winner takes all since you say I'm a DYEL. I aint no bodybuilder; but I'll def pose against you off everything(coming off my cycle in a few weeks for the rest of the year) and 3 months from now I'll do a pose against you as long as your clean for 3 months not even any HRT.
  15. Den84

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    What oral are you tried ?
  16. Waduhek

    Waduhek Member

    I was talking about ancillaries, aromasin and arimidex

    "are you tried" non è male comunque haha
  17. Sp2.0

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    Good looking out
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  18. HilmaBiocare

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    We only had some emails about different cap colours. Maybe something wrong with the contact form or mailing server, try info@hilmabiocare.com
    We will check if there are problems with contact form.

    No we are not stressed. We have plenty of work to do,main problem is Chicago facility and out of stock HGH,and we are aiming to fix these problems.
    Edit: forgot to mention another problem with closed bank accounts because of smart people putting in “For Steroids” and “HilmaBiocare order” as a transfer reference instead of following instructions.
    Ask mr @gearwolf and some other users who remain silent here how much did this problem cost us because of their funds hitting closed account.
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  19. 5millionbucks

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    yea that email address Hilma posted actually hit me back up a few days ago had to check another email I had inbox; so they are the real guys
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  20. Fair enough.

    All dosage issue talk aside, @HilmaBiocare let me apologize for insinuating that you were a wolf in sheep's clothing, so to speak. We get a lot of dirty players in this game. Good to know you aren't one of them.