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    All the products that I tried this year are wrote in this my thread, for now I’m in the end of fifth week of “phase 2”. Original idea of phase 2 was the stack test c/win inj/ parabolan but I replaced win inj with 400 mg week of bolde to reduce injections and liver toxicity. for now all the products used are from hilma except parabolan because I prefer parabolan dosed 100 mg ml to reduce injection (para hilma is 75 mg ml). then I will continue to use hilma products in the “phase 3” (test/mast/oxa). The preparation going very well, no complaints, I’m very satisfied with the results on my body.

    Regarding hilma tren my brother using tren E hilma , before old batch and then new batch and he told me that the products work very well (300 mg week)

    My next preparation (six months)
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    Thanks for the info bro, always so helpful!
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    I'm thankful too (been using the primo for months with good results) but this sounds kind of entitled, he tested it primarily for his own good and asking sources for incentives after the fact (some do offer store credit for bloodwork etc) goes a bit far, just my personal view ofc.
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  6. Fuck your view. :D:p Joking, of course. i just think it's the least they can do, especially since they don't seem to be too enthusiastic about acquiring their own tests and posting them.

    i haven't backtracked to see if they mentioned any incentive in the beginning, and if they didn't, i guess they're not obligated, but i still think it would be a nice gesture on their part.
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    600mg of primo seems a good minimum, it's really mild
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    it depends on what level you reached (first cycle, beginner, intermediate, agonist and so on). And obviously if the primobolan will be used in stack or stand alone . Surely for a first cycle 300/400 mg week stand alone, it already do a good job. But if you have a few cycles behind, 600 mg week is the right dose. For example this year I used primo @ 400 mg week , but in stack with 250 mg week sustanon and also with 30 mg day dbol (dbol only the firsts 5 week) . Good results and the nice thing was that I didn't need any AI, because Primobolan have a good anti estrogen action
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    I tried the Deca and its legit, thick oil pulls slow pins slow through my 25g. The aromasin is also good to go very good product took out my high estrogen symptoms which were swollen ankles after only 2 25mg pills broken in half and used every other day so 4 days in total at 12.5mg....Very thankful for these high quality products.

    Ive also ran the mesterlone, oxan, oxymeth, bdol and test cyp and they are all of quality. I thought that the oxymeth was underdosed but reports shows that its accuracy is on point so therefore I guess I wanted more results with 50mg which i bumped up to 100mg. I just didn't see the results, again was it the product or just bad scheduling, didnt ear enough, but the strength never truly manifested in my honest opinion. Yes the pumps were ok but not great...

    I can't say that the Oxymeth was a successful run as I think their dbol response within my body is super, this stuff gives me energy at 50mg and size, strength and horrible crippling forearm pumps
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    I tried the oxymeth as well and it is fake, everyone else who has tried it says it is fake. Got nothing out of it except an empty wallet.
    This source is not interested in addressing customer's issues, just sits back and lets others counter for him.
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    Yeah he is absent on everything. If he was the official eu supplier as claimed it would be easy to provide some test results but no, he lets customers do the job for him.
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    Yeah i contacted hilma in india and they had never heard of him, and agree about the lab tests, everyone else does them.
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    We are official Eu suppliers,you can check it via official company email. When we provided test results - users told that jano tests are bs. When we take effort to prove something - we get judged,and yet we haven’t seen any report that shows that gear is bunk from people. Only words.

    Few pages ago I provided all the info and users already confirmed through official email that we are Hilma Biocare official representatives.
    I’m really not sure with who in India are you speaking. You may proceed speaking with whoever you are speaking to or you can check the official email and you will be replied. You can find it earlier in the thread. Or to make your life easier - info@hilmabiocare.com.
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    Would be nice to see lab tests by Jano for all the current batches. Jano isnt that expensive and pretty good at what he does. Also have the feeling the current Oxymetholone is bunk. Been taking 250mg pre workout and dont feel a dam thing. Havent used Oxy before so maybe I could be a non responder but doubt it.
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    250mg and you dont feel anything. If the test come back legit you would still believe is legit and you're non responder ?
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    Well there is a possibility of being a non responder or my receptors are just burned out. Im ending competition prep in 2 weeks and wanted to use Oxy to keep strenght up and fill out a little bit but it doesnt do a dam thing ...
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    In other source thread one member wrote that with 80 mg day tadafil he didn’t had any results, but lab test come back as legit and all others members had results with 10/20 mg ... so it's all very subjective. for example you didn't get results with their dbol, but I did, and another member just wrote that he had results like me whit their dbol.

    then we must not forget the very interesting post wrote by @Sdryx .. screenshots attached

    However I can’t say nothing regarding their Anadrol, never bought it because I hate anadrol, I prefer 1000 times dbol for bulk. But it would be nice to see a lab test, from a member of this forum, about their anadrol.

    don't wait for my test on their anadrol. I will not invest money to analyze molecules that I will never use.

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    how do you eliminate the insomnia?