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    The thing is every person who has purchased and taken the Anadrol says it is rubbish.
    Not points of view or opinions, but first hand evidence.
    I am not going to waste money on tests when i know what the truth is and also the fact that the whole world is backing my findings. Is this guy going to ignore all of this evidence. The whole world is wrong, and he is right?
    I took one 50mg three times a day, that is 150mg a day, over one gram of a powerful testosterone compound a week, and nothing.
    But still this guy refuses to do anything about it. If he was in any way an honest businessman he should be contacting hilma with the concerns of his customers and trying to find out where the problem is.
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    So now you claim that test is bad also ? Even after all the bloodworks done ? We haven’t refused to do anything about it, We provided test results. But seems like it’s not enough for you.
    Now I remember you,we got your transaction flagged as fraudulent or fishy by our bank payment provider and I had to spend some time contacting support and asking for some of your personal info to make it go through and soon after that had to confirm identity and upload some documentation to our bank,can’t say for sure though that it’s definately because of your transaction,but we only had problems with your payment from hundred or two of other payments. (bank still works).
    Im really not sure that you are trustworthy buyer either.
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  3. HilmaBiocare

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    Requested a test on oxy new batches. Probably will be ready in 3-4-5 weeks.
    In case it will return bad - we will replace the product free of charge or offer a store credit.
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    Great move. Any plans on testing the other current batches for the other products too?
    Would be nice when everytime you will bring a new batch out to have independent lab tests available for every product. This would definitely set you apart from the other sources and maybe on top of UGLs ;-)
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    Thanks for the reply, but you are misquoting me i did not say the test is bad. There is too much positive feedback for that i said the Anadrol is bad.
    Okay i will take you up on your offer. My anadrol is bad, can i return it, please send me a return address.
    If possible, can you or I send it directly to hilma for investigation. I want to know what hilma did wrong so me and others can be protected in the future.
    I can get on with my training and you can get on with making money. It is better all around if this matter is dealt with quickly in an open and professional manner
    Thank you.
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    you have a short memory man, on June 7th you wrote that everything was weak, even the C test and the sustanon. Now you said that only Anadrol is weak. why did you change your opinion?

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    I don't want to get side tracked down too many issues. The Anadrol is rubbish, every single person who had physically purchased and taken it says it is rubbish. The whole world is saying it is rubbish.
    To settle this matter once and for all can you please give me the contact details for a lab so i can get the anadrol sent off to for investigation. I am in britain. I don't know any labs personally and don't want to send the anadrol off and people complaining the lab is crap.
    Thank you.
  8. There's always Jano. Your call whether or not to trust him, but he is quick and easy... or is that nice and easy? No no, quick and easy was correct.

    Anyway, just don't contact him through here. That little stinker gets around the forum and the knowledge of this thread will ruin the idea of the sample being blind.

    Same for your email address. If it's the same as your handle here or close to it, use a different one so that he won't know who is sending in the sample.
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    Jano wtf
  11. john11

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    If i go for Jano what should i do, send him a few of the fake anadrols and not tell him anything, or should i mention it is a testosterone compound?
  12. typicallurker

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    Got bloodwork done today, running 250/300 test e/tren e, going to share results with you later.
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    Yeah, great idea. Send him a tablet and tell him its testosterone..
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  14. typicallurker

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    Got my bloodwork.
    Test e/tren e 250/300 with their own arimidex 0.5mg ED, results:

    GOT (ASAT): 108 (<50) U/i
    GPT (ALAT): 82 (<50) U/i
    E2: 368 (11-44) ng/dl
    testosterone: 1246 (280-1100) ng/dl
    prolactin and everything else is in range. I'm really worried about my E2 (maybe its false tested caused by trenbolone?).
    I didn't eat anything for 8h before I got my bloodwork done, last pin was yesterday evening with 125/200 test e/tren e and 0.5mg Arimidex.
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    yes, you need the sensitive lc/ms e2 test, it's really common knowledge that tren messes up standard e2 blood testing. wonder how much dbol it would take to get a legitimate e2 >300, haha
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  16. typicallurker

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    Yeah I didn't know about that, pretty stupid of me. Everything else seems fine/acceptable? ASAT seems pretty high since its twice the max but we all know that steroids are hard on your liver and also heavy lifting does raise your liver levels
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    Are these guys EU domestic only? US shipping available?
  18. Sp2.0

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    They ship to us
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    err, oral steroids (and maybe tren to a small degree) are hepatotoxic, your liver values are that bad most likely due to a shitty diet. you should read up on the basics of steroids & health cause you're posting nonsense, no offense.
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    I read the whole thread in one sitting and while a bit wonky start this source seemed good for a couple dozen pages, but the last couple pages have people saying that their orals are bunk, someone even said that he contacted Hilma in India but they didnt know him etc.

    But on the other hand, the general concsenus is that their Test-E is g2g, some members posted legit bloodwork and Den84 did a lot of testing on their products.

    So whats with the dissonance?

    Also the OP is AFKing for a lot pages and that's kinda worrisome, for me at least.