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    The time has not come yet :rolleyes:
  2. Bling82

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    Just a LITTLE hint :D is it orals, anabolics or peptides?
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    Hello Hilma,
    Will there be a xmas discount like last year?
  4. ^ Interested in knowing as well.
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    There was a very nice discount this past Friday. It may still be happening at one of their preferred distributors.
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    Hi please at what email can I contact you. Thx!
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    Our email: hilmabc@protonmail.com
    Wickr: hilmabc
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    How long do we have to pay our order made on black Friday?
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    You have a full week.
  10. SILVERBACK1910

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    Hello everyone. Bloodwork and cardiovascular check up are coming due in this next week. If everything is good to go, I will start my big blast (16-20 weeks top before going trt)

    •500 mg sust + 500 mg equipoise
    (1 ml each monday/thursday)
    •2 mg adex
    (0,5 mg every other day)
    •500 iu hcg
    (250 iu every 3rd day)

    No orals, no proviron, just these and a shit ton of food.

    I needed some index about Hilma's equipoise. Anybody could leave a feedback?
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  11. gearwolf

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    not sure why you are posting your cycle in a source thread. the equipoise is equipoise.
  12. So, finally my friend made his bloodwork [1]. He is using exclusively Hilma gear. His cycle is 500mg Test E & 375mg Deca per week. As you can see results are also pristine. He is extremely satisfied. A thing of note, bloodwork was taken 51 hours after last pin, so I suspect that could affect the peak level results because if you compare them to mine they are a tad lower. Again, great quality of gear.
  13. randomguy87

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    Nice to see this. I'm running something similar (600 test c/400 npp w/ dbol, and exemestane every day and a half). Got bloods taken on Friday so will post the results as well when they come in.
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  14. Waduhek

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    What AI and what dosages is he taking?
  15. He aromatizes quite a lot normally, so he was taking 25mg of aromasin twice per week, on pin days. He is going to cut it in half from now on. He did say to me though that he suffers no high E2 Symptoms.
  16. Eager to see your results. To be honest I'm quite amazed by the consistency of the bloodwork so far.
  17. Waduhek

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    Lmao... he aromatizes "a lot" and takes aromasin twice a week, I need 1mg arimidex ED or EOD when im on cycle...
  18. Well, Aromasin is powerful. I use more gear than him right now and I'm fine with 12.5mg twice per week, my values were at 90. I believe that E2 responsiveness is a highly individualistic thing.
  19. Waduhek

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    From my personal experience arimidex is waaay stronger than aromasin. But yea you're right, everyone responds differently
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    Just made an order on some tren enth, heard good things about it. Only used ace in the past, interested to see if there is much difference.

    I’m debating doing a front load, I normally do on long esters but tren being tren....little bit scared of - big dose too soon - lots of side effects :(
    (Yes I’m a pussy :rolleyes: lol )