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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by HilmaBiocare, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Ferenor

    Ferenor Member

    What is Hilma situation with the January china raws ban?
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  2. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Everything will be okay.
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  3. brownbro

    brownbro Member

    Glad to hear that!
  4. M. Tugboat

    M. Tugboat Member

    Wanna elaborate a bit?
  5. z3ph1r

    z3ph1r Junior Member

    Hey, I ordered some vials of test e from you a month ago, and I don’t think they are working? Has anyone had the same experience ?
  6. randomguy87

    randomguy87 Member

    Get blood work, easy as that. You should be doing that anyways.
  7. gearwolf

    gearwolf Member

    Have you tried injecting them or are you wearing them on a necklace?
  8. What week of your cycle are you on? Did you make any bloodwork. I can personally vouch for the batch number I and my friend are using, especially since I have posted bloodwork for the two of us.
  9. z3ph1r

    z3ph1r Junior Member

    I am using it for trt purposes. I have been using the mentioned vial(s) for 3 weeks after 2.5months of using a vial of hilma from another supplier. I never took any blood test since I was waiting for three months to pass. At the second week mark of me using the vials boght from the supplier here I noticed that my lips are becoming dry, my nutsack fuller, my erections better (I have naturally high estrogen so on trt doses my erections are not that good). My muscle tone waned. And my nipples became sensitive the way they were before trt-ing.
    After I noticed that I injected test e from the previous valid vial (from another source) and overnight each symptom subsided.
    The batch no is 048207 on all three vials, but also the same is on the vial that worked. The vials other then the cap look identical.
  10. z3ph1r

    z3ph1r Junior Member

    Necklace bro!
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  11. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    We advice to check your bloods if you are concerned. We are first-hand deal,you shouldn’t be worried that somewhere Hilma is better (it can only be worse in case of counterfeit) :)
    About the caps. Info from our website(HilmaBiocare.com):
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  12. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Okay. Little hint for one product.
    Starts with “T” ends with “4”.
    Hopefully mass production will be there soon.
  13. Sweeeeet.

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  15. nephthyes

    nephthyes Junior Member

    how long does it usually take for delivery from hilma? anyone bought anything?
  16. Bling82

    Bling82 Junior Member

    It depends where you from... eu is like 2-3 days
  17. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    New products arrived and available for purchase.

    T4 and CutStack

    Will later post updated pricelist.

    Retail price for CutStack will be 45 euros
    Retail price for T4 will be 14 euros

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  18. Pong

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    Could you tell me the cutstack dosage?
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  19. Edgh15

    Edgh15 Member

    T/a success to Canada? What courier
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  20. nukklehead

    nukklehead Member

    Bout 6 days central US. Shipping/Pkg G2G
    Thanks Hilma
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