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  1. HilmaBiocare

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    Last tests that we’ve done

    HilmaBiocare Official EU
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  2. yousofski

    yousofski Junior Member

    Hello everyone,

    After my first purchase with @HilmaBiocare (as a test with few items), I ordered finally a larger order for mid term, and I received it today after exactly 8 days after payment confirmation...
    Now I will do two blood analysis (I'm a newbie): the first for my baseline, and another to check the quality (both testosterone and GH)...
    As soon as I get them I'll post them here...

    Thank you for your support and patience with me.
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  3. SubAlitt

    SubAlitt Junior Member

    Where are you from?

    Im waiting 2 weeks and still nothing
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  4. yousofski

    yousofski Junior Member

    @SubAlitt I'm from Spain
  5. MartinBr1991

    MartinBr1991 Junior Member

    11 días..segun seguimiento
  6. SubAlitt

    SubAlitt Junior Member

    Me too, 15 days waiting, no update on the post website .
  7. yousofski

    yousofski Junior Member

    In my case I have chosen the private courrier in both occasions, and it took 8 days...
    In all cases I was paranoid specially the second order (as it was the largest, and the tracking didn't worked for days LOL), but I always received it... These guys are legit, so don't worry :)
  8. SubAlitt

    SubAlitt Junior Member

    Do you send it directly to your home and at youe name? Or do you use another address?

    This was my first order and im quite scared
  9. SmC365

    SmC365 Junior Member

    Placed a order. It says it cleared customs on the tracking. The last update on the tracking was almost 3 months ago still saying cleared customs.

    What should I do?
  10. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Guys it can take up to 3 weeks easy now with covid. Post works very slow.
    if it’s affecting Europe - it’s affecting States as well.
    That’s a brief explanation what’s going on regarding transatlantic deliveries for example.

    We are still surprised that someone thinks we are scammers. Where have you seen a scammer that has something out of stock... :D

    Unfortunately for your location only 1 free reship was applicable on the time you made an order. We’ve done a reship :/ The best we can do now is to offer you even more discounts towards your future wholesale orders.


    Guys,melanotan also out of stock. Restock is planned soon.

    Completely out of stock:
    Drost E
    Stano inj
    HGH powder/ liquid

    Max 10 per order:
    Test e
    Test c
    tren E

    Our Contacts:
    Email: hilmabc@protonmail.com
    Wickr: hilmabc
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  11. MartinBr1991

    MartinBr1991 Junior Member

    10 days from the order. All perfect. will be the first of many:rolleyes::rolleyes::cool:
  12. jbw

    jbw Junior Member

    Do you offer any accutane?
  13. HilmaBiocare

    HilmaBiocare Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Unfortunately not
  14. jbw

    jbw Junior Member

    Thanks for your reply. Are there any plans to offer it in the future?

    It would mean I could get everything I need from a single supplier :)
  15. Neófito

    Neófito Junior Member


    Has anyone had or is having pain problems with testo enanthate? It seems that people are having more pain than normal, I am not saying it because of Hilma's will, I just want to see if what I have read is true.

  16. Bling82

    Bling82 Junior Member

    Zero pain from Hilma. And never had any pain problems with it... ehere have you read it?
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  17. lookito

    lookito Junior Member

    No PIP at all and I have tried many of their oils
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  18. Neófito

    Neófito Junior Member

    I have heard it said to people about the testo enanthate, but I repeat that not about Hilma's testo, but in general
  19. Ferenor

    Ferenor Junior Member

    Actually no pain. My injection technique sucks but the pip is nothing. My only problem is injecting in the glute since I think I have some scar tissue lol