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    Hi i thought i would make a log of my first cycle,so if i have any questions i wouldnt need to make a thread everytime.

    The cycle looks like this:
    Week 1-12 testosterone-Enanthate 500mg per week (two 250mg pins Mon & Thur)

    Week 13-15 take nothing and let the testosterone begin to clear out

    Week 16-17 nolvadex 40mg per day
    Week 18-19 Nolvadex 20mg per day

    Or if i fell rough at week 14 this:

    Week 1-12 Testosterone-Enanthate 500mg per week (two 250mg pins Mon & Thur)

    Week 13-14 take nothing and let the testosterone begin to clear out

    Week 15-16 Nolvadex 40mg per day
    Week 17-18 Nolvadex 20mg per day

    I may just go with the bottom one,some say 2 weeks is enough and others say 3 not sure tbh.

    The brand is hilma biocare (from source on here)

    My stats are 6"1 (185cm) , 78.5kg as i just cut before cycle,i was 85 then hovered around 80 but lost alittle bit more before starting cycle.
    Im 27, 28 in couple months.been lifting probably 4-5 years.i started late due to being a massive stoner lol my noob gains stopped probably 2 years ago,i miss seeing gains in the mirror lol seems now i could train the shit out of certain muscle groups and not see much change.i always use good form and contraction over weight when lifting.

    I done my first injection yesterday,didnt feel any pain.it did feel strange going in(was in the quad) did feel uncomfortable later that day.and even now still abit when bend leg.
    I have leg day tomorrow aswell,it might of been because i was riding my bike a few miles after injecting.i probably could of kept the syringe abit more still aswell.

    Heres me natural (pics where taken in the last few weeks.)
    PicsArt_09-18-10.53.58.png PicsArt_09-18-10.55.50.png PicsArt_09-18-10.51.53.png 20180918_225001.jpg PicsArt_09-18-10.48.58.png PicsArt_09-18-10.57.53.jpg

    I will post pictures along the way if i look different (hopefully lol)

    My diet is quite good in my opinion,its not ridiculously clean.but i do eat good.all whole foods and lean meats.
    Heres nutrition info:

    I just upped it 150 from 3200 to 3350 as ive been eating 3200 for awhile and been loosing weight onit
    (i have a fast metabolism)
    Im just going to keep upping in small incriments when needed.i think 4000 will be a good amount,but will go more if i need to.
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    Oh yh i forgot my pre cycle bloods,the docs said they was checking everything i needed.i noticed wasnt doing oestrogen and lsh and fh so got them myself,hopefully i got what i needed. PicsArt_09-06-05.42.26.jpg Screenshot_20180919-001543_Xodo Docs.jpg Screenshot_20180919-001524_Xodo Docs.jpg
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    Hey what's up @ZKJ
    I'm glad to see that you have taken everything serious, and have also taken everyone advice and put it into action. You have a good solid base man. I think you will get some amazing results, especially if you keep your diet and training in check like I think you will. I wish you the best in your first cycle. Stay focused and take it serious and you'll do great.
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  5. Pre cycle bloods, good starting foundation. i'm subbed for the progress, brother. Excited to see how this goes for you.
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    You’re in the miniority of researching extensivly, and even getting pre bloods before your first cycle. Should be a fun ride with many gains to be made.
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  7. ZKJ

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    Cheers man,and i definitely will do
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    Best first cycle post i’ve ever seen.
    Great base and solid research.
    Would love to see what 30-40 mg’s dbol daily would do the last 4/5 weeks of your cycle. Either way, looking good man! Keep it up.
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    Cheers man and i was already thinking about if i could add another compound but ill probably just stick to the one
  10. JackSmooth

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    How’s the cycle treating ya
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    Yh its seems good so far,just going to keep trying to put on weight and check the mirror that im not getting to fat,hopefully i can post some good before and after photos here when done (hopefully)
    If not ill probably delete my account and crawl under a rock somewhere lol

    Na i do have a question if you have an opinion,i saw this on nolvadex as pct and its less dosage then the usual 40/40/20/20
    See this pic here
    Screenshot_20181007-174416_Samsung Notes.jpg

    What do you think of that,im tempted to try the less approach

    I stopped using nolva during as didnt feel i needed it,apparently abit of sensitivity is usual when on trt and its not always gyno.there not itchy or painfull or swollen,i can push em with all my strength and not feel nothing,just a little sensitive and get erect more than usual.infact dont think ive felt them be erect when natural ever lol
    I read that nolva lowers igf-1,so if my oestrogen is high on my bloodtests in a couple weeks ill probably use a low dose of ai,ive heard aromasin is better than arimidex?
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    What's up @ZKJ

    How are things going so far?
  13. ZKJ

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    Seems good cheers,can u read my reply above and give me your thoughts onit
  14. JackSmooth

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    The pct dose is really dependent on how you handle everything. Some need more and some need less. I’d personally run the 40/40/20/20 protocol with some clomid just make sure recovery is smooth as possible. Some claim aromasin is better on lipids but I’m not sure if there’s solid info on that as I’ve seen a lot of conflicting studies. They both accomplish the same thing with different methods, so it really comes down to preference.
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    I agree with @JackSmooth as far as pct goes and stick to the 40/40/20/20, as it's only going to help you in the long run. If I were you I would go ahead and get an AI, and if you have been using the nolva that you would be needing during PCT while on cycle, you should probably grab another round of Nolva too. There are plenty of solid sources in the underground with quality PCT drugs and ancillaries. At this point it's all about how your body is responding, and everyone is always different. Keep up the hard work and stay focused.
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    Cheers man
  17. ZKJ

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    Cheers man i stopped using nolva and nipples feel fine.i have enough for the 40/40/20/20 pct and will be making another order soon,i have arimidex aswell.
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    Seems my new doctor is fine with doing my bloods aswell.she said before ring her when need em but i didnt know for sure untill i booked the second set.
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    @Jrock83 @JackSmooth
    I was planning on blasting hcg at 500iu a day for 10 days after last test e injection.
    But was thinking about running it during cycle starting week 5 and stopping when start pct. At 500iu a week for 10 weeks
    (250iu every monday and thursday)

    What do you think?

  20. JackSmooth

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    Ideally you want to begin the hcg at the beginning, but what you suggested Would be fine and would only help. I favor hug through out a cycle over blasting at the end.
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