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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jaymaximus, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Since I listen to 85% hip hop, I figured we should start a thread and see who everyone else is listening to. Maybe you guys can give some new ideas or remind someone of some good songs they forgot about.

    I'll admit, I'm mostly into late 80's and early 90's Hip Hop. But I don't think everyone put today sucks. Im feeling Wale, Kendrick, Big Sean, and some J.Cole.

    My all time top 5 (in no order)

    1. Tupac
    2. Tech N9ne
    3. Ice Cube
    4. Eminem
    5. DMX

    Honorable mention to Goodie MOB, 8ball and MJG, Jay-Z, E-40, Snoop, Outkast, Twista, Redman, Brotha Lynch, Scarface and my actual favorites Bone Thugs n Harmony.
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  2. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Since it is almost chritmas...

  3. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Slick Rick
    DJ Quick
    The DOC (after his throat accident)

    Because I'm a NW boy: Sir-Mix-Alot

    My Fav now: Hopsin
  4. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Some good choices. I forgot about Hopsin. I hadnt heard too much of his, but he was featured on some Strange Music stuff so I went back and listened. Dude has some skills.
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  5. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    His songs with Wizzz are pretty good...

    My wife calls me a freak as I go between Hopsin and Whitechapel :p
  6. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    No BIG???? :(

    Digital Underground, Talib, Mos Def, Eric B and Rakim, Biz Markie, fugees, and too many more
  7. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Oh yeah!!!!

    Check out: Rittz

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  8. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    Tribe called quest, too short, brand nubian, Epmd, Geto boyz, Common, krs one and a million others...
  9. Nemesis RR

    Nemesis RR Member

    Eric B, lil wayne, slick rick (me and the kids sing along in the car), Jay Z (on to the next one), Nicky Minaj (Pink Friday)
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  10. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    King tee, big krit, big daddy kane, big pun, trick daddy, pete rock & CL smooth...damm jayMax you got me hyped now lol
    Edit- can't forget Big L & Gang starr
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  11. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    Jadakiss and Styles P

    ^^^^ the only duo better IMO is Capone and Noriega. Red and Meth are in my favorites as well. Pinero and Kiss have been doing this for decades now though and there still just as good as ever. Kiss' new album was fire.
  12. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    The ONLY reason its hard for me to include Biggie is because he only had 1.5 albums while he was alive. Just not enough work.

    But life after death is in my top 10 albums easy.
  13. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Big KRIT is another of the new wave im really diggin. Produces and raps. He's like the next evolution of David Banner who's another favorite.
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  14. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Everyone PLEASE post any songs youre feeling. Im trying to get some more on my playlist.
  15. ErikR

    ErikR Member

    Big l
    Big pun
    Black moon
    Sniff n Wessun
    Mobb deep
  16. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

    Lil Wayne

    some UGK, old No LImit and i do like Shyne Po first album
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  17. Joedoe

    Joedoe Member

    Meek Mill is currently my favorite. I do like all the other old schoolers that you guys mentioned above as well.

    Analyst is sick too. Not so gangster, but his skills are unmatched....if you haven't heard analyst check him out.
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  18. Skull

    Skull Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Since its Christmas I figure this song will have the appropriate tune lol. I haven't listed to this song in years an still like it.
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  19. Skull

    Skull Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Twista is still my all time favorite an tech 9 has always been at the top for me as well. Here they both are together.
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  20. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Them 2 work really good together. They had this song also, with Busta and a few others. And Busta and Twista are always dope together (do people still say dope?)