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  1. Anyone have history with iron lion.

    Has anyone use they're products if so how are they. See them on a paid forums which i don't hold much weight to.
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    I believe he's on a few paid forums like you stated. I remember seeing a few reviews but nothing great. It's been a while though.

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    I was looking into them when first doing my research but the whole B1G1 sales they have every so often scared me off. If ur products r that good y would they offer such a huge discount. U don't see the greys/blacks ever offered like that.
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    Good to see you @Jeffg353 havent seen you in a while!
  5. yes true but on the forums they are on you cant find 1 bad post and all the bloodwork comes back good thats why im a little concerned not 1 bad post in years? or do they just delete them all?

    i am curious about the blacks as well but 300ius is a little pricey
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    Been busy...got some big things coming
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