HMG dosing protocol

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  1. Right now I am doing 75iu every other day thats what I read online. What do you guys recommend? Is that sufficient or should I drop it down to two times per week? I'm leaning towards doing the latter
  2. For fertility it’s like 75-150iu 3x/wk, but I’ve heard of guys having success with less. If you’re using hmg for some other reason then you could probably do less.
  3. Hey so I've been doing 50iu 3 x a week i might need to drop it lower though we'll see usually i do better with lower doses.

    The hmg comes in a 150iu vial. I mix it with 1ml bacteriostatic water and inject .3ml/30cc of the solution.

    Honestly i haven't seen much results for 50iu 3 x a week maybe it need to drop the dosage or make it higher I'm not sure.
  4. Need help with this stuff
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    I couldn't find the rules. I'm trying to find some HMG myself if sourcing is allowed... If not I mean what brand are you using.
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    What is the objective of using HMG?
  7. Its used to help keep up your sperm count on cycle apparently its supposed to be really strong but it hasnt been helping me that much honestly. Maybe I am using it wrong which is why i am asking for a protocol.

    Usually its used 3 x per week I started off with that but now I am just using 45iu per week in one shot.

    For me lower dosages are better but i use hcg throughout my cycle usually.
  8. What I read was hmg and hcg have a strong synergy together.
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  9. The brand i use is persinal brand but i heard ibsa brand is good also
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    hcg is way cheaper and does just that.
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    Can I ask how you know your sperm count hasn't improved?
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    hmg is best to restart after a very hard trenbolone nandrolone cycle. 2x 75ui per week during the cycle. 3x 75ui week after cycle. The important hmg must be with fsh and LH. Treatment after the cycle is only with hmg. Has anyone done this treatment?