Hodl or sell eth?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by daylight driller, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. daylight driller

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    As everyone knows eth (like the others) has been dropping but its looking bad for me. I bought a pretty decent amount when it was at $500 and should have sold but was greedy and wanted to triple my investment. So yall think it will hit around $900 again our should I just move it to alts and daytrade it?
  2. LOVEMe89

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    What does Eth actually do? Please look at whether it provides actual use cases or utility because I can't find anything except future promises and nothing solid
  3. brutus79

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    Ethereum is the only coin that actually provides a function beyond a speculative store of value. Virtually all new coins have to go live in the ethereum network and anyone who wants to invest pre ico has to buy ethereum to do so. Any other alt coin that claims to do this or do that isn't actually doing it yet... it's pretty much all bullshit. People are using icos to raise money for companies because it is far easier than selling stock in their company and they raise a ton of cash without losing any ownership or having any oversight. When people say they researched a coin and invested because it's useful they actually just fell for marketing hype and the only thing that will drive the value up of the coin is other speculators- not the function of the coin.

    I mine ethereum... I sold it all at 1200 and I am waiting to sell what I have since anywhere over a thousand. These "to the moon" valuations seem like pipe dreams to me... too much profit taking and not enough investment.