Home brew T. Prop whipping my ass

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Ultrafast, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Ultrafast

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    This mix is giving me some pretty bad pip. This is not my first mix, have done several actually just never Prop. I got this recipe from several sites, I quadruple checked or more to make sure the recipe was consitant for the mg/ml I wanted.
    I wanted 150 mg/ml so it would match the NPP I made concurrently. The initial shot was a half ml just as a test...Hurt like hell in R. Delt. So, i took it down 25% by adding GSO.
    Took same shot and no difference in pip, now right hip is hurting too. Then, I thought about bacteria. I heated it up to 250 deg. for 30 min. and re filtered at .22.
    Took another .5 ml yesterday in L. Delt. Now everything hurts. Luckily, nothing is hot or red.
    The only thing I can think is I either cant handle prop at all or too much BB. Here is the recipe I used.

    15 gr. T. Prop powder
    2 ml BA
    30 ml BB
    28.5 ml GSO
    28.5 ml EO
  2. Iron Vett

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    Oh my. Your bb is awful high. I only would have used 10ml (10%) for 100mg test prop. Next time start lower with your bb then add a little at a time and reheat if it keeps crashing. Like the old standard 18%. The small dilution of the hormone won’t be that great and it will give you an idea of what you need to do for larger batches.

    Plus prop just hurts some people.
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  3. Pokey

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    Too much bb should’ve had 20 ML‘s of BB like 64ML Of ur carrier oil
  4. Jwole33

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    Too much BB. Everyone is different in how they react but prop does have a bite to it. I go with 15% bb 2%Ba and use mct oil. Always comes out smooth.
  5. Iron Vett

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    If you add 33ml (30%) of sterile oil, you will dilute it down to 100mg and 20% bb and your ba is still good. That will take a lot of the bite out of it.
  6. Ultrafast

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    I figured the BB was high too in that case there are a minimum of 4 known sites that have it wrong. Hell, I just figured the high amount was due to the concentration for Prop. I wanted.
    Well, I'm at 25% reduction now. Perhaps the last 5% will do the trick. I'll give it another go tomorrow and see what happens.
  7. Iron Vett

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    Op have you ever used test prop from another source before? You possibly might not be able to tolerate it well. Supposedly some old wives tales make mention of people that are allergic to bee stings can’t handle prop very well.
  8. Ultrafast

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    This is my first time ever with Prop. I bought the raws from, I believe the second most popular raw supplier here. so, I like to doubt the product is bad.
    Quick update...Waking up this morning the pain in my left delt. (3rd shot) is much less, the ball that was there is nearly gone. My hip (2nd shot) is a different story. It is still sensitive. Perhaps nicked a nerve? Don’t know.
    Need help with math.. if I started out at 150 mg/ml and I add GSO at 10% and so on, that will knock the concentration down to 135 mg/ml. Right?
  9. Ultrafast

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    I just re-read your post. I understand.
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  10. Monstar

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    Some people don't tolerate prop well and have pain. This is even from pharma at 100mg/ml.

    You dosed at 150mg/ml which some people who are okay at 100mg/ml might have issue with.

    You've also chosen to include EO which some people have issues with.

    BB is high.

    You've never run prop before from your post and all of the above factors are at play making it hard to determine what could be wrong. Shit, raws could be bad too (not saying they are but another potential issue) but way too many factors to even attempt to sort it out.

    My advice...there is no reason for this much complexity nor running an exotic mix on your first prop run. Poor decision making here and this is the result. Keep shit simple until you have a reason to complicate it and have experience with all factors.
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  11. Iron Vett

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    I agree wholeheartedly with this post. The most exotic thing I brew is dhb and it’s still at 100mg I just add eo to help with any pip it might have. Everything else I brew is at the standard dosages that are seen in the majority of ugl’s out there. I would love to be able to inject just one cc a week and get all my cycle compounds in there but I know, if I could get that shit to hold, that bitch would hurt!!!
  12. Ultrafast

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    Today I added 10% to the already reduced batch which was -25% already. I injected in my L. Delt. at 10 am.
    I can tell already there’s a difference.
    No burn or pain. Now, here is my conclusions;
    1. I can tolerate EO per the NPP I’m doing.
    2. The excess BB caused the extreme pip.
    3. I cannot tolerate T. Prop.
    This is the non conclusion; was the pip from the BB or the prop? No matter how much oil I add the mixture is still the same ratio.
  13. Monstar

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    I'd lean toward the prop and you not being a good match but too much going on to tell for sure. BB doesn't usually cause issues but haven't run beyond 20% level.

    For what it's worth, I only brew for personal use and never use EO. I find good carrier oil and do everything at 18% BB and 2% BA. Deca 200mg, Test E 250mg, Mast E 200mg, tren A 100mg.....I can mix in a travel vial and never sweat it. I do a very modest overdose. Everything holds, BB thins oil a bit, zero pip and no high concentration crashes or PIP. Not running 3 grams or more so plenty of room for additional mls. I brew 250mls or more at a time. Very simple stuff.

    If I was to mess with high concentrations or blends or an exotic solvent...I'd have brewed and run it plain vanilla at normal concentrations first and used it for a period. That said...I see absolutely zero need for that and don't like playing the troubleshooting and unfucking guessing games trying to salvage a batch or make it usable.
  14. Iron Vett

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    Your brew is still at a 20% bb ratio and that’s high enough to cause some people discomfort with test p. Next time you try test p brew, try it with 1% ba and 10% bb. It should hold fine and if you can tolerate prop, it won’t hurt