Home diagnostic kit: Testosterone, vit D, etc

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    Thought I'd share. Pretty cool product. Who knows how accurate it's going to be, but at least it says it will test blood samples or saliva.

    Developed by a San-Diego based technology company of the same name, the Cue comes with single-use cartridges that measure fertility, testosterone, influenza, vitamin D and inflammation. (Those are the currently available tests, though additional ones will be added further down the line.) You add a droplet of saliva or blood -- or a nasal swab -- and the device analyzes your sample, sending information to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. The idea is that you'll perform tests several times to monitor your health, and Cue's app will show you charts that display your progress.
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    I've been waiting for a reliable way to test E2 at home regularly and reliably.
    That would be really helpful.
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    Says it ships in Spring of 2015. If it's accurate, it could be a VERY cool tool to use. Thanks for the post.
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    mmm. Very nice brother. i only know of a couple other's like this
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